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  • Perk Picks Part 1

    Well, I have decided to start writing up the Perks and my opinions on them. Because of the work involved (not to mention my short attention span) I am breaking this up into 3 parts. This first part will deal with the first slot of Perks.

    As always, I welcome and encourage you to voice your opinions concerning anything in this write up. I would ask that the conversation be limited to only the first perk slot. Yes, that means you will have to wait until part 3 to ridicule Second Chance and the use of that perk. :icon_lol:

    Also, if you feel so inclined, let us know what 1st slot Perks you use and how you feel that your choices benefit your team.

    Alright, lets get down to business!


    Lightwight allows you to move faster than you normally would. This perk can be very useful for those players that generally play on the offense of their team. Lightweight, when combined with Marathon (3rd Perk slot) creates a formidable flag-capping-machine in CTF matches. It is also quite useful in speeding up a player that is using an LMG, allowing them to move up quickly and provide covering fire with their assaulting squad.

    The cons of this perk (for the flag capping folk) is that it ties up the perk slot of Ghost which, if I remember correctly, keeps the big, orange KILL icon from appearing on the mini-map when a spy plane is up. Unless you are on offense, I would recommend choosing a different perk.

    Pro Version and requirements:

    5 melee kills
    Survive after being wounded 5x
    10 Offensive medals

    I have never had the Pro version of this perk. If you have, please enlighten us on what it does and it's tactical uses.


    This perk grants the user the ability to replenish their ammunition and lethal grenades from the corpses that litter the battlefield. I honestly can not think of many tactical uses for this perk. Therefore, I have not used it that often and welcome any community input on this perks usefulness.

    Personally, I think that this perk is particularly useless if you die a lot. Since most players have quite a few deaths, you would be better served by taking Lightweight, Ghost, or Flak Jacket.

    Pro Version and requirements:

    150 Resupplies
    5 grenade kills from resupplied grenades
    5 kills without dying 5 times

    I have never had the Pro version of this perk. If you have, please enlighten us on what it does and it's tactical uses.


    Players using Ghost are rewarded by not being spotted on the mini-map by Spy Planes. The tactical uses for this perk are, I think, quite obvious. As I stated in the Lightweight section, Ghost keeps the KILL icon from appearing on the mini-map while carrying the CTF flag, while a enemy Spy Plane is in the air. Simply put, Ghost allows more freedom of movement to it's user.

    In my opinion, this is the most useful of the first slot perks but, that is not to say there aren't other good choices.

    Pro Version and requirements:

    I already have Ghost Pro and can no longer see what is required to get it. If anyone does not have this pro perk, please let us know what the requirements are.

    This is where the Ghost perk really shines. In addition to hiding the user from Spy Planes, it also prevents any of the chopper kill streak rewards from targeting the user, as well as Sentry Guns and players using the IR scope. It also prevents enemies from seeing a red crosshair or name when they target you. When Ghost Pro is combined with the user wielding a Strella-3, you have the perfect chopper killer. In short, the pro version of this perk saves your teammates lives.

    Flak Jacket

    Wearing the Flak Jacket keeps the user from taking as much damage from explosives as they normally would and, more defense is always good. From my experience with this perk, the user is able to survive: a grenade, a claymore, an RC-DX car, C4, a single mortar round, and even a bomb from the B-52. Granted, after surviving one of those explosions, you are very wounded and will drop dead from any other damage but, you are still a functioning member of your team instead of a stinking corpse.

    This perk allows a player to forgo using the 3rd slot perk of Hacker, freeing the 3rd slot for other useful perks for the assault minded player. It also lends a good deal of survivability from the grenade spam inherent in some of the game modes.

    Pro Version and requirements:

    Survive 10 explosions
    Plant or defuse 10 bombs in DEM/SAB/S&D
    Throw back 5 enemy frags

    I have never had the Pro version of this perk. If you have, please enlighten us on what it does and it's tactical uses. The first 2 requirements are relatively easy to attain. The 5 throw backs is particularly hard to achieve in hard core mode.


    Hardline gives its user their kill streak rewards one kill earlier. Although this perk can get its users team a Spy Plane or other useful items a bit earlier, I feel that this benefit is far outweighed by taking up a slot for more useful perks. From my experience, this perk is only really useful for those that are trying to rank up because of the faster XP you receive from getting the kill streak rewards earlier.

    I believe that, unless you are trying to rank up, this perk is pretty useless. Unless, that is, you have the Pro version (or are attempting to get the Pro version) that allows you to re-roll care package crates, avoid this perk.

    Pro Version and requirements:

    Share 10 care package crates
    7 kill streaks in one match
    7 kills with out dying 7 times

    I have never had the Pro version of this perk. If you have, please enlighten us on what it does and it's tactical uses.


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    Re: Perk Picks Part 1

    I have acquired some of the Pro Versions of the above perks and can discuss them a little:

    Lightweight Pro - no fall damage. Moderately useful if you like jumping out of 3rd floor windows and balconies :p

    Scavenger Pro: You start with maximum bullets available for your gun and you can replenish your tactical grenades in addition to lethal grenades. This can be useful to replenish your stun/flash/nova gas grenades when you kill an enemy.

    Hardline Pro - when you drop off a care package, you can choose to take the killstreak that is offered or press "use" button to try switch to another random perk. I once initially got a spy plane but after pressing the choose button again, I got a Hind. It is completely random, but can be a game-changer if Gods had smiled upon you :p


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      Re: Perk Picks Part 1

      Lightweight Pro shines on a rushing kit in CTF, as you can take shortcuts that other players would be injured and slowed down by taking, but with lightweight pro you can charge off a cliff and keep going like it was nothing.

      Scavenger pro is incredible when coupled with an Extended Mag weapon. Imagine having a 200 round mag M60, with another 200 round box in reserve, and the ability to scavenge ammo. Yeah....

      Hardline pro is only useful if you run care package, but if you do here's a guide on when to reroll a care package:

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        Re: Perk Picks Part 1

        Pro Ability: Deflects fire damage and allows you to reset the fuse of a thrown grenade when you pick it up.

        A good way to get Flak Jacket pro when trying to toss back grenades is, get a buddy to help you. Mediator and myself played a few rounds on TDM where we were on opposite tieams. The fun part was trying to find one another and then grabbing the nade before it blew one of us up. Took about 30 minutes and was heck a fun doing. Thanks again Med!


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          Re: Perk Picks Part 1

          I personally agree with Mindkill on this one. Ghost, in my opinion, is the most useful perk. Followed by Flak Jacket. I use ghost on about 70-80% of my classes (Cant think of them off the top of my head) The rest I use Flak Jacket because i hate getting killed by nades. Also, for S&D I think Flak Jacket is a must. One, because the spy plane isn't used nearly as much than in other game modes. And two, because when you are trying to plant or defuse you will be able to withstand those pesky nades that land next to you.

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            Re: Perk Picks Part 1

            [QUOTE=TheLancerMancer;1607242]Hardline pro is only useful if you run care package, but if you do here's a guide on when to reroll a care package:

            I find Hardline extremely helpful... or I did. Hardline helps you get killstreaks that much faster. therefore, since i play team based game modes most of the time, my team finds it extremely helpful when there is a blackbird in the air after 7 kills. but that is the only useful thing about hardline... and why would you want to change ammo? especially when you have hardline because you can't scavenge ammo.


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              Re: Perk Picks Part 1

              I only run Hardened Pro, Ghost Pro, and Hacker Pro.

              Now that I am "finished" with the game, that is I have completed all the prestiges, I am going to go weapon by weapon, and perk by perk until I have everything "done"..




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