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Call of Duty Black Ops Search & Destroy Ladder

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  • Call of Duty Black Ops Search & Destroy Ladder

    The Call of Duty Black Ops Search & Destroy Ladder is now open for competition!
    The first thing we need is teams!
    Anyone can (and is encouraged to) start their own team.
    Also, anyone can (and is encouraged to) apply to join an existing team!
    You don't have to be a supporting member to join or create a team.
    To create a team, or look for a team to join, click "Quick Links" near the top of the screen, then Competitions in the dropdown that appears.

    Matches will be 4v4.
    Each team can have a squad of up to six players.
    You pick four out of your six to enter any particular match.

    All you need to do once you have a team created is challenge another team to a match (the challenged team picks the map), organize the time, then request any admin to set server 2 up for a ladder match.

    So get in there and join or create a team!!

    [Spartan 9]

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    Re: Call of Duty Black Ops Search & Destroy Ladder

    Oh, one more thing. Stay tuned for the imminent opening of the complimentary CTF ladder!
    Once it's created, hopefully the existing ladder will be renamed to actually include S&D in the title :)
    Any team is of course free to participate in both ladders, and ladders from other games hosted at TG, as well.

    So... once again... get in there and get some teams going!!!

    [Spartan 9]




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