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    A post in the 88th forums by our illustrious leader has given me an idea for a good tactical discussion. I am going to list a few kits that I have created that are specialized for specific game modes. I hope that you will share some of your kits with the rest of the class. Please, do not give us your "uber l33t, I use it all the time" kits.

    CTF/DEM Defense

    M60 w/Grip
    Nova Gas
    Flak Jacket Pro
    Hardened Pro
    Second Chance Pro

    The M60 with a Grip and Hardened Pro make this kit very formidable since it blows through walls easily and allows me to keep my sights on target while under fire.

    I have the Strella on almost all of my kits just for the simple fact that it is the best teamwork oriented Secondary weapon choice. In the case of this specialized kit, it is useful in keeping my position hidden since I am not running Ghost Pro.

    Nova Gas is great for blocking enemy movement and temporarily guarding the flag/bomb site. Not only does it damage the enemy, it also slows them down, allowing me to get a few more rounds into them and, hopefully, dropping them.

    I use the Jammer to help in hiding my position from enemies. It's also useful in keeping enemy equipment from functioning near my objective.

    Many players get ticked at me (in a good way I hope) when I run Flak Jacket Pro. It is especially useful on defense, in that it allows me to eat an explosive and survive. So, when that blind nade come sailing in, I am given an additional chance to protect my objective.

    Unlike many others, I do not use Second Chance Pro to try for more kills. For me, it gives an additional few seconds to call out an enemy to my team mates, so that they can better defend our objective. I NEVER use SC on an offensive kit.

    DOM/SAB Kit

    AK47 w/Suppressor and Extended Mag
    Nova Gas
    Flak Jacket Pro
    Warlord Pro
    Tactical Mask Pro

    The AK47 is my favorite weapon and that is the main reason it is included in this kit. It also allows me a bit more movement speed over a LMG.

    I've chosen the LAW for this kit (recently) so that I can take down Spy planes and also to remove pesky enemies around corners, since I do not run Hardened Pro on this kit.

    For me, Frags are the way to go for Lethal nades. They can be primed and rolled around corners and through doorways.

    I use Nova Gas on this kit for the same reasons listed in the previous kit.

    Jammer is on this offensive kit for the plain fact of disabling enemy equipment around objectives, allowing me to move in without fear of eating a claymore or coming face to face with a sentry gun.

    This kit is where Flak Jacket Pro really shines, in my opinion. It allows me to stay on the objective longer in Domination when all of the nades and 203's start flying in.

    Warlord Pro gives me an additional frag and Nova Gas. The additional frag is useful in clearing an objective and the extra Nova helps to completely block incoming enemies.

    I just love Tactical Mask Pro. I mean, I want to have it's babies. The only downside to this Perk is that it keeps me from using Hacker Pro. I love hearing someone on TS say to me, "How did you see me MK?! I flashed the dog poop outta you!". My response, "Tac Mask Pro FTW, n00b!"

    Well, I don't have time to get into my specialized S&D kits but, I hope that you will share a few of your secrets and kits with the rest of us.


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    Re: Specialized Black Ops Kits

    I always wondered about your secrets mk :P

    Most of my kits run about the same right now,

    But I have 2 specific kit setups.

    Any weapon with a suppressor Or any weapon with a red dot
    I like having flash nades mainly to get in and through an obj quick and keep people from seeing where im comming from.
    I like the frag for my lethal just because I have more control over where im placing it, and I can throw it farther.
    I will either run ghost or scavenger (yes... i love scavenger) Ghost if I am running a suppressor and scavenger if im running a red dot
    Sleight of Hand Pro baby... all they way. The quick aim really helps in those tight spots especially with my play style.
    and finally a mix of Ninja (for SND) Hacker(any game mode) or Marathon(CTF DOM or anything besides SND)

    And the reason I love scavenger... I blow through ammo. My play style revolves around staying alive. I play very aggro but move with purpose, and if I dont have a way of getting more ammo I always run out.

    I dont always use equipment (except for jammer) because I dont sit in one place for very long. When I use TAC Insert I always seem to get camped, Jammer is usefull if you are attacking the flag for example :) or for SND. Clays for me are really there so when they go off I know where people are. Most teams have someone with Hacker so a clay can screw you over more then it can help. And I feel its a waste if all im doing is planting a random clay to get 1 kill (although they can be usefull to funnle players into a killzone >:D)

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