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TG vs. TB Scrim Signup thread for 6-30-2011

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  • TG vs. TB Scrim Signup thread for 6-30-2011

    TG vs TB Scrim Signup for 6/30/11

    Here it is sign up.

    Since this is a WEEKLY event there will be no Kit load outs restrictions except for the following:
    8 vs 8 we are allowed 1ea M203 or 1ea China Lake
    12 vs 12 we are allowed 2ea M203 or 1ea China Lake

    Kill Streaks are as follows:
    Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane, and Mortars (These are all you are allowed)

    Rules we will use are as follows:

    If you do not follow the rules -- you will get ONE WARNING and then be kicked.
    RULE #1: There will be NO RECRUITING in this server. Violators will be BANNED. IMMEDIATELY!
    RULE #2: There will be NO nade spam or bunny-hopping.
    RULE #3: The 'no nade-spam' rule includes explosive arrows, C4, RPGs, flashbangs, nova gas, & concussion grenades.
    RULE #4: Nades may be used to clear rooms/alleys. However, you must immediately follow your nade in if thrown blind.
    RULE #5: Rushing spawn is now allowed on Defense! So watch your 6!
    RULE #6: ALWAYS use your iron-sights unless surprised at close range!
    RULE #7: Apologize for ALL TKs in global chat!
    RULE #8: This is a family-friendly server! Watch your language. Repeated violations will earn a kick/ban.
    RULE #9: Please do not argue with server admin about rules.
    RULE#10: No second chance allowed.

    We will be rotating weekly from our server2 to their server3. We will also be using their Team Speak till I can get all of them into the TG Forum and signed up so they can get into our TS. (This could take a while due to their no recruiting rules.) I will PM everyone that is sign up with all server information, Passwords, and TS information the day before the Scrim.

    The first 8 to signup will play. We will play with a minimum of 8 players and we will have up to 4 players on standby in TS. You will be added as they have more players. (ie if they have 10 we have 10) If you are not in TS when we need you we will move to the next person on the list.

    Who: The first 8 to sign up
    What: Black Ops S&D Scrimmage with Tactical Brotherhood
    When: Thursday June 30 at 9:00PM EST/8:00PM CST/7:00PM MST
    Where: TB Server (we will still use TB TS)

    Please post you’re in game name and yes that you want to play. Please do not turn this into a discussion thread. If you have enough questions or suggestion start a new thread or PM me.
    Also remember that although we are not on our server you must follow the TG primer.

    1. Birdie
    2. Sledge
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    Re: TG vs. TB Scrim Signup thread for 6-30-2011

    Sorry, can't make this one. Gota work late tomorrow. :(
    |TG| CrazySob
    Wondering where I am? Look up and wait for the inevitable sound of 2000lbs of death and destruction that is about to ruin your day.


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      Re: TG vs. TB Scrim Signup thread for 6-30-2011

      Balfa in.

      [Spartan 9]


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        Re: TG vs. TB Scrim Signup thread for 6-30-2011

        I'll be there.



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          Re: TG vs. TB Scrim Signup thread for 6-30-2011

          Well, it finally happened. The TB guys finally beat us on both maps.

          Even though they had more players show up, we just did not get into a rhythm with all the lag issues going on..

          Not really an excuse, I simply just suck really bad and got pwnded..

          Maybe next week we will have a better showing.


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            Re: TG vs. TB Scrim Signup thread for 6-30-2011

            Sorry to all! I dropped the ball this week on the scrim. I was out of town and was busy last night and didn't make it. I hope everyone that made it at least had fun.




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