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Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops II at TacticalGamer

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  • [INFO] Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops II at TacticalGamer

    Useful Links

    TacticalGamer Call of Duty: Black Ops II STEAM Group

    Black Ops II Official Site

    Developer's Security & Enforcement Policy


    You are encouraged to join us on the TG Teamspeak3 server @ Use of Teamspeak is optional but may be required for some scrimmages and special events. To get the most out of our Teamspeak server, please follow the instructions on our TS3 Server Info page.

    Conduct Expectations

    TacticalGamer is all about mature, teamwork oriented gaming with a focus on the objectives of a given game or game mode. TacticalGamer members are expected to adhere to our high standards of conduct regardless of whether they play on an actual TG server, a server hosted by an outside community or a peer hosted game. Our conduct is based on the principles laid out in the TG Primer and further expanded upon here. Please remember that wherever or whoever you play, as long as you sport the TG tags, you represent our community.

    Call of Duty Basic Conduct

    No Bunnyhopping to avoid fire
    No camping of player spawns
    No intentional team killing
    No swearing
    No abusive behavior
    No racist, sexist or discriminatory comments
    Respect for Tactical Gamer members and other players must be maintained at all times

    Contacting the CoD Admin Team

    Use this semi-private forum to contact one of the CoD administrators. Registered users will only be able to see threads they started and will not be able to see other player's threads. CoD admins will be able to read and respond through this forum. Use this forum to request additional info from the admin team or to report a TG or STEAM group member that is not adhering to our standards of conduct.

    Current Black Ops II admins:

    Drona GO
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TeamSpeak 3 Server


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