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    I've recently started messing with TS hotkeys a little more. Most of this is really basic stuff, but if I come up with anything more advanced I'll be sure to add it in. Likewise, if anyone has anything useful, please share it.

    At the bottom of this post is my current hotkey setup. As is, I have "end" set to toggle away status, and "home" warps me straight into the CoD Black Ops channel. "Page Up" is set to switch to previous channel, but the easy way to think about it is that when I hit Page Up, I move up one channel vertically in the TS channel list. Likewise Page Down moves me down vertically by one channel. Also, I have F11 and F12 set to lower and raise the master volume level. So if I don't want to hear as much TS chatter, I can increment the volume down until its at a comfortable level. I also have F10 set to mute TS entirely.

    So lets say I've just connected to the server. I can hit "Home" followed by "Page Down" and be in the Black Ops Server 1 channel. Two key presses, no mouse movement needed.

    The only problem I foresee with this is if you forget where you are in the TS3 server. I keep TS on a second monitor, but not everyone has an LCD keyboard, second screen, or an overlay plugin. I think the best counter for this would be to bind the keypad keys on your keyboard to take you to specific channels. You could easily bind Keypad 1 to take you to Black Ops Server 1 channel and Keypad 2 to take you to the server 2 channel. Its a fairly easy system to use, so just experiment a little and see what you can come up with.

    Oh, and when you're trying to bind keys. If you don't see a command you're looking for at first, there should be a "Show Advanced Options" button in the command index. Most of the good stuff you have to find using that. Hope this helps.

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