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  • Annie Get Your Gun

    Yep, the guns of CoD2! From what I've seen, we have the basic WWII-era gamut of small arms to work with. If memory serves, we have

    - base of fire (Bren, BAR and StG44 -- although the StG44 was historically meant to be a true assault rifle, in this game it seems to be presented as a balance to the Bren and the BAR)

    - scoped precision (Kar98k, 91/30, and M1903-A3)

    - .30 caliber bolt-action (No. 4, M1903, Kar98k, 91/30)

    - .30 caliber semi-automatic (M1 Garand (aren't the SVT40 and G43 also available in multiplayer?))

    - .30 caliber lightweight semi-automatic (they threw in the M1 Carbine)

    - submachine guns (Thompson M1A1, M3 "Grease Gun," Sten, PPSh-41, MP40)

    We don't have portable belt-fed machineguns, so we have to leave those out. Knowing that, how do ya'll envision a multi-fireteam squad distributing these weapons effectively within the context of the game?

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    Re: Annie Get Your Gun

    Good talk.


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      Re: Annie Get Your Gun

      To emulate a team structure like that of America's Army, what if we had:

      Squad Leader (Rifleman or Submachinegunner?)

      Fireteam A Leader (Rifleman or Submachinegunner?)
      Fireteam A Member (Rifleman)
      Fireteam A Member (Automatic Rifleman)

      Fireteam B Leader (Rifleman or Submachinegunner?)
      Fireteam B Member (Rifleman)
      Fireteam B Member (Automatic Rifleman)

      Fireteam C Leader (Designated Marksman)
      Fireteam C Member (Designated Marksman?)

      I guess this also begs the question of how many of each type of weapon are currently allowed per team in a map with WRM. How many of each type below does a team get?

      - Scoped Rifles
      - Bolt-action Rifles
      - Semi-automatic Rifles
      - Submachine Guns
      - Carbines
      - Automatic Rifles


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        Re: Annie Get Your Gun

        I like that..
        that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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