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    Like other games of a tactical nature, communication is very important in CoD2 (especially when using WRM). As such, I'd like to encourage folks to use VOIP to give contact reports and sitreps.

    - We can see fairly easily where our teammates are by using the compass (green arrows represent teammates and their orientations), but it's obviously much more of a challenge to locate the enemy. When you see an enemy soldier, let your teammates know about it. Even if he's just running around a corner 50 yards ahead of your position, call him out -- it could be the vital bit of info another member of your team needs to avoid being ambushed.

    - Keep an eye on your compass so that you always have an idea of the direction in which you're facing. This way, when you need to call out a quick contact report, you'll know which direction to indicate.

    - Even though teammates can see one another as green arrows on the compass, it doesn't mean your buddies are actually paying attention to their compasses. So when you see a teammate approaching your position by compass, be sure to give him a quick warning so that he doesn't get surprised and shoot you. Say something like, "Whoever is approaching the church entrance, Strag is to its left." Usually TG players will know the locations of their teammates, but sometimes, when we get caught up in the action, we can lose track. Think of this as a great way to avoid being on either the giving or receiving end of teamkilling.

    - While the green arrows on the compass provide a general location for teammates, they don't provide much detail. Occasionally calling out your position can help your teammates form a better mental picture of the action. If you're on the second floor of a building, say something like, "Strag is in the western wing of the factory on the second floor." (For those of you who play America's Army, this is similar to giving a quick location report.)

    - If you're watching a certain avenue of approach, let your teammates know. Something like, "Strag is watching the northern approach at B" will help your buddies to know that someone has eyes to the north. This way, they can get set up facing other avenues of approach, and the enemy will have a much smaller chance of achieving surprise.

    These are just some fundamental things, but they can really enhance the game. We already do some of these things; let's see if we can incorporate more of them into our gameplay.

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    Re: Talk it up!

    Also work as a team. Use cover fire and leap frog. Bone and I have been doing it and it works good. Three people covering is awesome. Just talk to each other. " I got your six, windows covered move up, etc."

    The big key is communication.

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      Re: Talk it up!

      Originally posted by TG_Bubba
      Also work as a team. Use cover fire and leap frog. Bone and I have been doing it and it works good. Three people covering is awesome.
      Indeed. With WRM, actual tactics are now possible. It would be great to get more organized at some point, with automatic riflemen providing a base of fire, riflemen moving and flanking, snipers overwatching, and submachinegunners handling CQB, all while executing coordinated plans. :icon_cool




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