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    With some of the larger singleplayer-to-multiplayer map conversions we've been playing lately, I've been thinking about tactics for the Headquarters (HQ) game mode on these maps. Maybe we could get some discussion going.

    First of all, to facilitate the use of decent tactics, I think we need to make sure that there is enough time per round to allow events to develop. We've talked about bumping up the number of points required for a team to win a round, and/or increasing the amount of time between point increases when a team holds an HQ. Either or both sounds good to me, the idea being to give us more time to play on each map.

    Since these maps are so large, and since we always have two possible locations where an HQ can spawn, it seems logical to me to split a team into two fireteams. Before the HQ would spawn, one fireteam would operate in the general vicinity of point "A," and the other fireteam would operate in the general vicinity of point "B." This would ensure that both points would have players relatively nearby, so that a fireteam would be ready to move in and capture the HQ when it spawned. Then, when the HQ spawned, the closest fireteam would move in and:

    - either arrive first and capture it, attempting to protect it from the nearby enemy fireteam, or

    - arrive second and attack it, attempting to drive the enemy fireteam off of it and then destroy it.

    While the nearby fireteams engaged at the HQ, the remaining fireteams would move toward the HQ and act as secondary units. These secondary units would either contribute to the attack or contribute to the defense, depending on their team's mission at the time.

    When the HQ was either destroyed or defended successfully, points "A" and "B" would reset, and the various fireteams would repeat the process.

    Keeping fireteam cohesion amidst respawns would likely be the most challenging aspect of this system. When a player was killed and had to respawn, he would immediately head toward the area where his fireteam was operating. Perhaps one fireteam could be assigned to cover one half of a map, and the other fireteam could be assigned to cover the other half. That way, each fireteam would have a "home area" for which it would be responsible, and respawning players would thus have an easier time getting back to their areas.

    The idea here is to allow a team to cover both potential HQ locations, and then to allow a team to attack/defend the HQ once it has spawned, all while maintaining team coherence and organization. Does this seem like a good way to do it?

    What other types of things can we try?



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