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CoD2 Game 11 July 2006 (Movement)

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  • CoD2 Game 11 July 2006 (Movement)

    Great games tonight. We have a lot to work on. We need to coordinate our movements a little better. We started off great then got into almost a run and gun on the V2 map. We need to take our time and coordinate our movements better. We also need to work on covering each other with a little distance instead of bunching up. If we need to move back or forward we need to have the room to maneuver. Great games overall.

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    Re: CoD2 Game 11 July (Movement)

    I mentioned a few of these things on Teamspeak, but I'll list them again here. I've included several links to SOPs originally written for Ghost Recon, but which can apply equally as well to the way we play Call of Duty 2. These apply to both movement and radio discipline.

    - On V2 Rocket Facility and other maps that involve a breach into a heavily defended area, multiple entry teams seem to work well. Have three or four teams move quietly to different doors, and then wait until everyone is in position before breaching. The key is to breach all at one time (preferably under cover of smoke), so make sure everyone smokes and breaches simultaneously. This forces the defenders to split their focus among multiple targets, and the smoke obscures their lines of fire. There must be tight coordination for this to work successfully.

    - Like Bubba said above, make sure to leave some space between team members when moving through tight quarters. If the lead person in the team has to retreat quickly, he doesn't want to be bumping into a friendly immediately behind him.

    - When there are a lot of people on a team, radio discipline becomes very important. When too many people are talking at once, instructions and reports can get lost in the confusion, and then coordination goes out the window. Keep radio traffic short and concise. For simple affirmative responses, type the letters CC instead of saying "Roger" or "Copy" over VOIP. Also, for simple position reports, type something like "at B covering east" instead of saying it over VOIP. Make sure you're using your TEAM chat key so that only your team sees this communication!

    - Be sure to report enemy contacts to your team. Give compass directions, and try to make them relative to common fixed points (such as the objectives). For example, instead of saying "enemies to the left," say "contacts, two, directly southeast of B, moving west." This is much more descriptive, and it immediately lets your entire team know the location of these contacts.

    - Fire discipline is important, and can mean the difference between surprising the enemy or being surprised by the enemy.
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      Re: CoD2 Game 11 July (Movement)

      I've seen a few people follow those rules that Strag listed, but to have them followed on a larger scale would help out a ton, thanks.

      also, someone in the server last night mentioned a new, and more accurate way to list doors on the V2 map, to avoid the confusion of fumbling around trying to figure out what door your teammate meant when he said "West Door Open".

      and for interior firefights we need to reconize rooms under a certain name to avoid confusion. a few which we've learned to work around are both OBJ positions, vents, radio room, death trap/bottleneck room, and the East and West rooms just outside of Objective A. i feel we need to expand our understandings of more rooms though, perhaps we could go over everything said in this thread on a closed server night
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        Re: CoD2 Game 11 July (Movement)

        Like Strag and others have said we need to reduce radio chatter as much as possible. For example when we spawn on defense we don't need to immediatly say where you spawned over voip, you can use team text chat. Turnleft had a good idea of minimising radio chatter when entering a room. Instead of asking "are you ready" he just looked at me and nodded up and down. I then nodded up and down to show I was ready to breach the door an continue.

        An important thing to remember when on defense is to take up your positions as quickly as possible and not wander around inside opening doors for too long. This can be quite confusing because you can't be sure wether it is a friendly or an enemy opening the doors.

        Be warned, this thread can be veiwed by anyone so don't say anything that you wouldn't want a spy to hear...

        On Thursday I think we should have a highly controlled training session so we can walk through everything we want to do very slowly. Like really slow. Are we able to password the server on Thursday?




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