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Cowboy's Guide to the Pointman

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  • Cowboy's Guide to the Pointman

    Pointmen, one of the most useful troops in your squad and one of the worst jobs if you are him. The pointman's job is to take point, of course, and draw enemy fire, ambushes, flanks, ect. to save the rest of the squad. This guide is to help you, the pointman, do your job and not die. This guide will take place in Brunvill France, as the Americans attacking objective B.

    After spawn regroup and plan, lets say the plan is to take the entire team of 5, you are on point. Move through the tunnels as fast as you can and up through the fields to the barn. Once there have either a sniper or BAR gunner to cover you from the bottom window as you move up to the first house on the right. Clear the house then move to the top floor signalling your team to move up and take cover inside the building while they cover you to move to the first house on your left with the garage. Clear the house, return to the garage and signal your team to move up.

    Go through the window putting you outside the church behind the tiger tank. Use the tank for cover lean out, if you see something tell your SCO (Squad Commanding Officer or Squad Leader). Your squad decides to move across the street while under fire from an StG 44. Deploy a smoke, wait for it to fill then run into the area behind all the house.

    Stay behind cover and scan your surroundings if all seems clear then signal your team to move up. NOTE: When scanning move your eyes at a steady slow pace trying not to focus on one area too long. Once your team is across safely, break apart into smaller groups of 2 then begin clearing houses room by room in order of threat, as in the house that has the best vantage point on you should be cleared first. Once clear move up and flank the Gunner in the house to the left, or right depending on your angle, of B. Plant the bomb, defend it, and have a cup of jo' after it goes boom.

    Not my best work but it should suffice for now, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, critisism, ect.

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    Re: Cowboy's Guide to the Pointman

    I've always loved having a squad set up and using point to lure the enemy into the trap. Let's face it, most of the people we play are greedy and WANT THAT KILL!!! So they follow them... Hum dee *BLAM BLAM BLAM* .... Yes.
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