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  • Lesson Learned?

    I wanted to start a thread seeking input from the scrim participants of the 17th AB match.

    We sure took a drubbing and I'd like to hear all sides chime in to understand where we could and should improve. If we do more scrims I'd like to put up a better fight next time, but more importantly lets show them the TG way can equall whoop some butt. Some one already said they are an exprienced scrim team so it's understandable we lost. I'm not really upset about it like that. But understanding the beating we took will only help us in the future.

    A couple of things stand out in my mind--Our loose team structure with no tactic or practice session hurt us. Each round we created our plan on the fly and against a team like that its a disadvantage. I thought we failed to have a strong strategy in place for the sniper rifle--team level strategy mind you -not individual performance.

    The other thing that amazed me was their marksmanship and their team overwatch coverage. All they needed was a sliver of a chance and they were fast and accurate. Alot of our guys got picked off by them in the middle.

    If there's any bright side I think we stiffened a bit when we were on defense. I thought that was encouraging.

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    Re: Lesson Learned?

    well I hopped on early thinking we were going to have some warmup :/ I think that's what hurt us the most, like you said.


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      Re: Lesson Learned?

      from what i read about this scrim i think we should practice fundemental skills every chance we get until it becomes second nature, so we dont have to think we already know what to do given the present situation




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