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Applying Tactics learned in BIA to CoD2.

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  • Applying Tactics learned in BIA to CoD2.

    Does anyone else feel that the Fire team / Assault team tactic used in BIA should be applied to the scrim teams in CoD2 ?
    The scrim team should be split in 2 with support weapons such as the BAR and Thompson`s allocated to the 'Fire' team to provide suppressing fire from an over watch position, while the 'assault' team attempts a flanking move to destroy the enemy position with the lighter weapons and grenades. The mantra being 'Spot' , 'Suppress', 'Flank', 'Destroy'. Of course, excellent communication between the teams is key and the fire/assault roles can be reversed on the fly if needs be.
    The 2 teams should be constantly repeating this tactic while on the attack. If on the defensive, the tactic could be employed to harass and confuse the attackers. Defense through offense so to speak. This would also go a long way in helping prevent them suppressing our defensive position through our lack of movement.
    Just a thought. Or do the TG scrim teams already employ such tactics as well as others ? What sort of tactics do the opposition employ ?

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    Re: Applying Tactics learned in BIA to CoD2.

    I think this sort of idea is the type of thing we aspire too. We often split into fire teams to help complete our objectives. Currently our our fire teams tend to be used with distractions, diversions and assaulting enemy positions from different angles. I haven't seen a great deal of "Assault Team/Support Team" setup in the strict sense of the term. Of course certain weapons are better suited to different environments and we take advantage of that but I can't remember a game in which we have used this system to it's full potential. It is certainly something that I would like to practice and perfect. Seanybonn, maybe this thread is the kind of thing you may be after.

    On an unrelated note, sign up for the scrim against BHC if you're up for it!




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