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    Hy! I am new at this web and forum. I want to know how can i make tactics in cod 2, does exist some programs or something?

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    Re: Tactics help

    Zeryx...welcome to Tactical Gamer. We are a teamwork oriented community that supports many games including COD 4. All of the TG servers utilize teamwork and communication. Let me invite you to join our Teamspeak server and check in on our Call of Duty channel there.

    We've just gotten our server up and running (today I think) and to be honest I've not even been on it yet. Look around the forums here and check out the required reading in the stickies that talk about server rules and expectations.

    Tactical play rules the day here at TacticalGamer so you came to the right place to learn about tactics. Best thing to do is read the rules and join the server. When you are in game send greetings out and let everyone know you are just getting started. After you get a few TG style rounds under your belt you'll be wondering how you went so long without finding a place like TG...I know I did. Look for me in game or on TS. I just installed the game and haven't even been on our server yet but you'll see me around. Cheers.

    Hope to see you on the TG servers soon.
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