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Blitz vs. Careful Attack

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  • Blitz vs. Careful Attack

    This might be a controversial issue but I deem blitz (rush) tactics to be worth discussing.

    A team that can quickly organize and move to the objective and catch a defending team off guard. The blitzing team should determine how far they can move before the defending team reaches a decent defensive position. If done well, the attacking team can gain a lot of ground and possibly a better position for completing the objective.

    Another possible blitz tactic is to send a flanking team to quickly hit the secondary objective (the one where the team will not be planting). If this secondary team can defeat the defenders, they can open up the primary defender's flank.

    The crappy thing to all of this is the team will be running and more vulnerable. It does seem like run and gun but I believe that a team that can move quickly and tactically can have an advantage over a team that moves slowly and tactically. This means running using a leap frog movement (aka elastic movement).

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    Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

    I find blitzing in hardcore guarantees a quick round. You are either going to win in spectacular fasion or lose abysmally. It really depends how on the ball the enemy is. One thing is for sure - if they are expecting it you will be dead in 10 seconds.
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      Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

      This happened on Backlot last night. Our team was not even past the green line when there was an enemy at the marker. Do you consider this blitzing?


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        Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

        Though I'm usually found at the back of the pack regardless I think both strategies have their merits. The key, I think, is to mix it up and keep the other team off balance.
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          Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

          I just wanted to bring this back up. I think it's important we try to ween ourselves off doing the same old *spawn in* "Okay guys, we're going A! GOGO!" plan. It works sometimes, but other times it just leaves your team disoriented, and, I find it to really hamper vital team communication and overall teamwork.

          Disclaimer: Sometimes.


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            Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

            Clodhopper I think the default attack is a quick blitz for most maps. The sad truth is that if you don't grab a good chunk of the map quickly the other team will and your left trying to fight out of a poor position. I wish this wasn't the case and with larger maps this could possibly be avoided. EDIT after thinking about it a bit more a full out blitz isn't really want I was talking about. More of a blitz to just before enemy contact is the default. Full head on blitzing takes commitment that isn't always there.

            However on some maps the default attack is a little more cautious and so a blitz actually can work well. Variety is a good tactic as most times the opfor learns your habits and counters. It's rare but I have seen a stacked team pull off clean sweeps using the same tactic 5 rounds straight, rare though.

            Now I'm not advocating the blitz as it goes against my style and it is fairly limited tactically if it doens't work out. Perhaps with the new rules a slower approach will be more forgiving and hence practiced more often. I know since the new rules came about some rounds are playing out slower. :)


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              Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

              I support it!

              Considering that it all boils down to 3 different outcomes:
              OFFENSE                                             DEFENSE
              All go A                                         Can move thru B Flank with a Blitz
              All go B                                         Can move thru A Flank with a Blitz
              Move in unison thru both points         Holds ground and Blitz is squashed
              Its just like football and whatever play you run the defense can just call an audible and change it to stop your play.

              The key is communication! Without effective communication the other team will easily eliminate you. Consider that.


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                Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

                Hi im new here I figured I would make this my first post, Hopfully I ca add to your community.

                Blitz vs slow is the main thing that causes tactical teams to fail in video game play, what we as a tactical community fail to do is combine the speed ad instinct of a blitz player vs the methodical approach of a tactical player. The key here is some type of online training or rehursals. We train constantly in the regular army at different speeds, and if you can train your teams to and get them using the saem tactics at the pace that regular non blitz players do then you will see greater sucess. In real life we do not move very slow its normally very quick and violent. Remember speed aggression and surprise.


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                  Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

                  If you have played with bronco than you know that he and i are all for careful assaults. i prefer to have guys form up on the bomb and especially on the TRM server split into 2 different teams that would be the Assault and Support. the Support would consist of snipers and machinegunners. While the assault would use shotty's assault rifles and smgs. if there is a big assault team it can split off into 2 different teams that can be used for a good flanking maneuver.

                  Also another tactic is to split everyone off into groups of 2 where they can watch each other's sixes and coordinate tactical defenses and assaults. I would view this as a btr defensive tactic than offensive. Its especially potent when you pair a sniper with a SMG or Assault Rifle. The sniper can take out guys farther out while the Assault covers his six and shoots the guys who are closer up
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                    Re: Blitz vs. Careful Attack

                    If you have the time to organise a blitz attack before the round starts then a blitz can work well. Blitzes only work when the team knows where everyone is, therefore if someone goes down, the rest of the team knows to clear that room before proceeding.
                    Another way to do it could be for only a few people to blitz (this strategy is meant to be if the bomb carrier agrees to let people leave the group).

                    Lets take backlot for an example. You have a 5 man team. You can have 2 people enter A as fast as possible, to catch the enemy by surprise before they can get into position. The bomb carrier and one other person stays outside A, waiting for the forward team to give an all clear. The fifth person goes as quickly as possible to the centre builind on the map. He sets up countermeassures (clays for example) and can wacth over a large proportion of the map and tell the team of sightings. He can also watch over the top floor of A.

                    With this sort of organisation, you can have a really effective game plan.

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