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    Well a little combat 101 for some of you. Firing from the hip is not one of the seven deadly sins, your face will not melt, you won't grow horns, and you won't be "unTG". I think the whole idea is very misperceived in this game. I imagine firing from the hip as using the same form I would use in paintball when moving, bring the gun up to a steady position, tank butted against my shoulder, then relax it a little and lower it a little so I have near full field of vision without losing the idea of where I'm aiming.
    Fire from the hip when you engage at ranges less than say, my perception of range is horrible, maybe 30 feet or so. Find your own feel for it and how you can get the right mix of scoping and hipping. The steady aim perk isn't necessary but is heavily recommended if you attend to hip fire a rifle frequently, the smg's notice little variation from steady aim to no steady aim in my tests. I still use it on everything but the shotguns and snipers both of which appear to experience no change. Don't bring your hackusations in here or your bad attitude on how my playstyle wrecks the game. I will ask an admin to lock it immediately when I see that kind of behavior, state your questions without mindless hackusations, please.

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    Re: from the hip

    Never mind got this clarified. If people can show proof of hacks or of bad tactics then fine, but dont accuse someone of hacking just because you got pwnd. If there are anymore issues with then please pm the admins, we dont want this on the forums. Thanks l1on for clarifying this
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    that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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