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I do wonder how 6 vs 6 would be...

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  • I do wonder how 6 vs 6 would be...

    You know, I was playing this AM...trying to get my rank up and items unlocked (since I lost all my hard work and items in a corrupt file glitch)... and I really do love this game, even the multiplayer... but I have noticed it is far to crowed and fast paced for such small maps... sure would like to see what 6 vs 6 would be like or something... the smaller teams would be able to use better tactics and teamwork IMO.

    Just thinking out loud.
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    Re: I do wonder how 6 vs 6 would be...

    It depends on the map. Some are quite large and can accomodate 16 players. The cargo ship map is very small and narrow so it's a bit of a mess with 16 players. The silo map could have 20 players easily if teams split into sides that cover A or B.

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      Re: I do wonder how 6 vs 6 would be...

      I've been chattin' with Clod, and we're tryin to get some guys together for a little inhouse scrim here st TG. If there's enough interest we could pick teams and setup a TG CoD4 tournament with multiple teams or something.

      I think it'd be pretty sweet.

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