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Tactic for Bog's Store HQ

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  • Tactic for Bog's Store HQ

    The Store HQ on Bog is a tough one to crack.

    Generally this fight evolves into a battle through the East hallway at the point. The team on the East Side attempt to fight through the bottleneck. The Team on the West side have more entry points and a better view to provide overwatch but are vulnerable to grenades on the point resulting into a stalemate of sorts, or a battle of wills. While the side on the West has a clear advantage of really only having to watch one entry point, how does the East Side gain the point?

    The first key is to accept that they can't enter through the East Side with the intent to take the point without removing the defenders first. However, if they quit applying pressure on the HQ, then their opponents just take the point. So they must apply enough pressure to prevent their opponents from taking the point. This is generally done through using whatever tools they have to deny the enemy the ability to sit on the point, such as Grenades, Smoke, Flash, Stun, Strafing fire through the door to suppress HQ cappers.

    So what needs to happen is to send a very small contingent of 1-2 players to flank the defenders and unravel their defense from the back to the front. Don't bother with players who aren't paying attention to the goal and start off with defenders who do not have additional defenders behind them. Specifically, any people in the cafe. By picking them off first, your not likely to attract the attention of defenders closer to the point. Once the cafe is clear, then you proceed to clear out defenders in the street, on the north side of the store and catch the last couple players in crossfire between you and the rest of the team.

    The only way the team on the east will pull this off is to remove the undefended defenders first and then by setting up overwatch in the west cafe and roll back the stalemate. The flankers need to pay very close attention to what's happening on that east side though, because if they don't continue to keep up pressure in the store, then the flankers have wasted their time.

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