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Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

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  • Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

    In reality, stun grenades and flash-bangs are the same thing. However, in Call of Duty 4 they are treated differently. Both stun grenades and flash bangs are effective in their own way and should both be used with different set-ups and in different maps.

    These two special grenades are most useful in close quarters and are very effective in infiltration of buildings and small rooms. Having one of these special grenades equipped on an SMG or Assault class will aid in clearing rooms and other tight, congested areas.

    What They Do

    A stun grenade makes the enemy partially blind and deaf for several seconds. It also inhibits their movement to a very slow turn. Also, while stunned, the enemy is unable to throw grenades, or switch weapons.

    A flash-bang has the capability to fully blind and deafen an enemy. The enemy will still be able to move at a normal pace but cannot see where they are going. Their movements are also erratic as the controls for movement are inverted in a random pattern. In other words, they may think they are moving forward but they are really just walking into a wall. The enemy’s ability to throw grenades and switch weapons is not affected by a flash-bang at all.

    Stun grenades are regarded as the more effective of the two for several reasons. The biggest reason is that you get a hit indicator when you effectively stun an enemy. (An “X” will appear on your screen.) This alerts you that there is in fact an enemy in the direction you threw the grenade, and that he is successfully stunned.

    How They Work

    It is important to know that an enemy does not have to be looking at a stun grenade to become stunned. Contrary to a flash-bang, the enemy does have to be looking in the direction of the explosion to become fully flashed. You could hit someone directly in the back with a stun grenade and they would still be fully stunned. This is not the case with a flash-bang. A flash-bang has a very short fuse on it, so if you are throwing is very far it will more than likely explode in mid-air, causing your enemy to be minimally effected by the Flash. A Stun, however, has no fuse on it and only explodes when it hits the ground, so you can throw it as far as you need to without worry of it detonating in mid-air.

    All in all, the ease of a stun grenade makes it more useful in more situations than a flash-bang would.

    How To Use Them

    Treat these two special grenades the same way when throwing them. Be sure when tossing them into rooms that you are clear of the doorway so that you are not blinded. The walls of the room are your friend. Throw the grenade off the wall and bounce it into the room. When you hear the grenade go off don’t sprint into the room, but enter with caution and move in for the kill.

    Throw special grenades towards the ground and not into the air for quicker effect. If you throw the grenade at the enemy it has a chance of being tossed behind him, lowering the damage. By throwing it at his feet you increase the chances of fully blinding your target.

    When To Use What

    Stuns are the more versatile of the two grenades, meaning they can be used in almost any situation. Flash-bangs are really only suited for close quarters and in clearing small rooms. Stun grenades can be used on any map. The damage from a Stun in an open area will be more beneficial then that of the Flash. Uses from a Stun and smoke grenade can be almost interchangeable. If you know an enemy is camping an area and you want to pass safely, toss a stun and they become useless for at least five seconds. Flash-bangs are great for very small maps and clearing rooms that you are sure are housing enemies. The main reason being is that the damage from a Flash in a small room is greater than that of the Stun. Being able to fully blind you enemy from your sights is obviously much more useful than just partially blinding them.

    If there ever were a time to use Flash Bangs it would be on close quarter maps, such as Vacant, Showdown and Wet Work. And any other map with lots of small rooms and alleys, such as Crossfire, Strike and Crash. Use stun grenades on any other map.

    Final Tally for general use:

    Ease of Use: Stun grenade
    Blast Radius: Stun grenade
    Effectiveness at Close Range: Flash-bang
    Effectiveness at Long Range: Stun grenade
    Overall: Stun grenade

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    Re: Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

    Nice writeup, thanks! I always wondered what the difference between them was


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      Re: Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

      Nicely done Hazmat.

      I was of the same opinion that stuns are superior. I have however been shot several times by "stunned" players (not a general statement about some of the TG regulars :row__536:). If a player is watching a door and then becomes stunned, they can still watch the door and shoot. This has caused me to use flashes more often then I used to. But as you noted, simply looking away is often enough to avoid them.

      Either way I know that I under utilise both and pay for it on some maps.


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        Re: Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

        Great write up. I didn't know that flashes made you move erratically. That's good to know.


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          Re: Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

          Props Haz!


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            Re: Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

            Thanks Hazmat ,great write up!!!!!!!!

            Only the dead have seen the end of war



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              Re: Flashbang vs. Stun Grenades

              That was a good write-up, ive always used stuns or smokes, but i might begin using flashes for certain maps now like vacant.

              Shotty with 3x Flash... yeeez....

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