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Fire fight tactics?

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  • Fire fight tactics?

    Just woundering what kinds of diffrent fire fight tactics there is. Please name some ;)

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    Re: Fire fight tactics?

    What there is, or what someone personally does? It really depends on your kit setup and the gun your using (which chooses your camo). I have a few classes, one in particular is my ninja class, which basically means on a no kill cam server, i could never be spotted. For that one, i always sneak past enemies, and if i see one spawn or come around the corner, ill prone in a bush and if it seems they notice me, i will, well, shoot back. But if you mean while your in a fight, what do you do? I like to get behind cover or kinda get to a good defensive spot and try to get a nice kill in, or just anyshot on him i can. But then again, if a smg'er comes up to your sniper, maybe you just gotta think ahead for that and lay a claymore a ways back and run behind the wall of your claymore and let it do your dirty work. Or just try to get a lucky quick scope/pistol kill. But it depends on your guns.




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