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TG CoD4 Hardcore S&D FAQs (Please review!):

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  • TG CoD4 Hardcore S&D FAQs (Please review!):

    Tactical Gamer Call of Duty 4 Hardcore Search & Destroy (S&D) FAQ

    What is Tactical Gamer CoD4 S&D?
    Tactical Gamer Call of Duty 4 Search and Destroy is a Call of Duty server dedicated to playing the game utilizing teamwork, strategy, and tactics. You will find no deathmatch or stat players here. To us it's more than just another server, it's a community of like-minded Call of Duty enthusiasts, and friends.

    What should I be doing on your server?
    Completing the objective as a team! If you are supposed to be playing defense, such as guarding the bomb points or avenues of approach & flanks, then back up your team! If you are supposed to be playing offensive, then stay with your offensive team, or group if your offense is using a multi-group offensive strategy. Get the bomb planted! As teamwork is our number one goal we STRONGLY encourage anyone wishing to become a member to have a working microphone.

    What is TEAM Orientation?
    Your team is the MOST important thing on TG. This does not mean "help the team to kill the enemy". This means "keep your teammates alive so that you can help each other complete the objective. If you are on the defensive team, this means to take up a position in the area of the offensive team's objective. This also means that it should be a position where you can easily help your teammates if you are called for backup. It is for this reason that "rushing" should not be a problem. The defensive team should be staying in their area defending the objective in an effort to keep the offensive team from sneaking by them, or fighting their way in by sheer force. You should treat your teammates like they really are the people that you work with, and are friends with. If some of your friends got killed because you failed to save them, how bad would that suck? You should have the EXACT SAME mindset about your team while playing on this server. It is NOT OK for a couple of your teammates to die as long as you single-handedly kill the other team by yourself. That is NOT team play!

    What is OBJECTIVE Orientation?
    I cannot state this firmly enough: The "objective" is NOT to just kill the other team. If you put yourself in a position where it is easier for the enemy to kill you then for you to kill them, it's just dumb, right? Well, if you put yourself in a position where the enemy can get by you and complete their objective, that's even worse. I understand how limiting this can be for defensive teams, but they have to protect the objective. This is not to say the defensive team must always camp right on the objective spots. To do that would be predictable and easily defeatable. But there are enough places on all the maps we play on that you can shake things up and outsmart the enemy. It is perfectly reasonable to move forward from the objective at the beginning of the round to secure an initial chokepoint or some other area where they can get a strategic advantage.

    From the offensive side, this means planting the bomb AND guarding it after planting. I have seen FAR too many people plant the bomb and then go running off trying to kill the defenders. Then the defenders come around from another way and defuse without any resistance at all. BAD! We respect those that try to complete the mission, not those that won't risk it to defuse a ticking bomb. On search and destroy mission, sneak in, plant it and stand your ground. You should be willing to die for your mission. Period.

    Can I camp?
    On TG, camping is almost required, depending on the team you are on. The offensive team can NOT camp, but this doesn't mean you need to rush head-first into the enemy territory! You can take your time, plan your strategy, and wait in given areas for tactical reasons. We have very long round times to allow for this. If you are the defensive team, it is your JOB to guard the bomb points. Some may call this camping, but you need to stay close to your objective to protect it.

    I'm a relative newbie, can I still play on Tactical Gamer?
    Of course. Newbies are welcome, but they are bound by the same rules as the more hardened players. Follow the rules, back up your team, and complete your objectives. Most people on the server accept newbies pretty well, but you MUST be open to learning from the people who have better skills. They WILL try to teach you. Ask, listen, learn, and be happy. Newbies that don't learn will be removed from the server.

    Is cheating allowed?
    You shouldn't even be asking this. No. Cheating is not allowed, anyone caught cheating will be banned for life. There are no grace periods, no warnings. You cheat, you're gone, send us a postcard.

    Can I give the Server PW to my friends?
    You should not be giving out the server password to ANYONE without prior permission. In most cases we will welcome new players, but we want to keep a handle on it so we don't get inundated with players who don't understand, or want to follow, our concepts.

    Where do I download your maps?
    Any files you need will be automatically downloaded from the server when they are needed. New maps may take longer the first time they download.

    What should I do if someone else has the bomb?
    ALWAYS cooperate with the bomb carrier. This should be a WHOLE TEAM effort. You getting kills is NOT as important as the team completing the objective. This is something that will be watched closely from now on. We don't like playing with people who don't know how to team play, and we know many others don't like it either. When you are covering a teammate planting the bomb, you shouldn't be looking AT your teammate, you should be looking away from him, towards entrances to the room/area. You should NOT be hidden behind a door that enters into the bomb point, as an enemy can stand inside it and shoot at your bomb-planter and you will not be in a direct position to defend him. In all probability, your teammate will die trying to plant, you will take out the enemy, and you will plant. That isn't team play. That is ME-PLAY. YOU should be sacrificing yourself before the bomb planter...while planting he is the MOST important member on your team!

    What should I do if I have the bomb?
    The first thing you should do is let your team know where you plan on planting the bomb because you at that point become the squad leader!

    BOMB CARRIERS: when you enter into a bomb point, get over there and plant. Your team is there to cover you. If a firefight starts, you should STILL be trying to plant. Let your team do their job while you plant. Once the bomb is planted, join in the defense of the target until the bomb explodes. Die there if you have to. That bomb HAS to go off. No excuses.

    Teams that are on DEFENSE on ALL S&D maps do NOT have an offensive strategy in mind...

    Any advice with Grenades?
    Start by reading this thread:
    Tactics for Greandes

    DO NOT THROW GRENADES AHEAD OF YOUR OWN PLAYERS unless it is a smoke grenade used to cover your advance. If you are the 2nd or 3rd person in line, and your team is engaged in an assault, do not throw flash grenades up there. You will blind your own team and they will die. The middle of a firefight is not the time, nor the place, for grenades. Just because they don't kill doesn't mean the flash and smoke grenades are worthless. Quite the contrary, a well placed flash bang can win an important round and smoke grenade in the right place can confuse the enemy or get you past a sniper point.

    How do I know where to go?
    First let your team know you are unfamiliar with the current map. Try and identify team leaders, and follow them, or do what they say. When following, stay in line. Don't try to push your way around your teammates and/or leader. When the leader stops, unless they make motions to move forward and/or tell you to. Don't go running out hurling grenades. You can sneak up on your enemy all you want. But it only takes ONE person to try and be a hero and start throwing grenades at unknown targets to ruin the element of surprise.

    Can I swear and use foul language?
    We have a wide range of players young and old and while some things may be commonplace in your life they can be offensive to others. Keeping this in mind it was decided that in order to show respect to everyone the only language allowed on TG would be the same that is allowed on network television.

    If you are offended by someones language, say something. If they continue, PM an admin. If they can't participate in a clean game, they don't need to play here. The guidelines we use are if it is acceptable on network television, it is acceptable here.

    How do your stats work?
    Stats are currently not available to players.

    Is there other information I should read?
    Yes! The forums have sections where we discuss rules, and tactics. We use these sections often, as they lend a voice to the players who help make the TG community what it has become. The section of the forums entitled Official Rules and Announcements is also required reading for the server. Here are some quick links to get read in:

    Tactical Gamer Primer
    Call of Duty 4 Rules
    Wearing TG Tags
    Basic Code of Conduct
    Team Speak Etiquette
    Dealing with warnings
    How to contact an admin

    Who are the server admins and how can I contact them?
    A list of the current admins and their duties are listed on our website.

    Last and Final Note
    This server is very important to a lot of people from the originator, to the admins, all the way to the players. If you come here to play CoD4, you'll find this is a great place to be and we look forward to shooting you in the head!

    Thanks to Apophis and the original message!
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