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  • TS keybinds/channels

    I suggest modifying the TS channel setup for CoD4, now that we have both servers with people on them, we need rooms/channels for each server.
    ..Server 1 Vanilla one two
    ..Server 2 Hardcore one two

    It is real easy to set up keybinds so you can switch channels in TS without ALT-TABing out of game.
    It is also possible to setup key binds for each game you play changing/altering/deleting things you need and dont need for a game.
    After setting up your key binds, export them, save each by adding the game name(keybindCOD4.kbn) then just import the "profile"(.kbn) when changing games.(I have a default .kbn in the folder to turnoff all keybinds, some are annoying when typing :))

    In TS, Settings, Key settings, Add, Switch to, Next Channel,.. I have..
    Shift, NUMPAD + .. Next Channel
    Shift, NUMPAD - .. Prev. Channel
    BE WARNED.. If you flood the TS server, by quickly changing channels many times in a row, the server WILL KICK YOU :D please dont abuse your key binds.

    May want to add these to allow you to change the volume of TS while in game.. I find this very valuable in game.
    CTRL, NUMPAD + ..set Vol up 10%
    CTRL, NUMPAD - ..set Vol down 10%
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    Re: TS keybinds/channels

    Considering that the game has VOIP, it's really unnecessary for team one/two channels. We're all on a single channel on the same team in game so why duplicate that on TS? A single channel for the game so that players can contact admins would be sufficient.

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