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Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

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  • Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

    great late night match fellas. a great big thanks to section for running it

    score another win for the Jack-myster (2-0)

    jsut one thing to add really does help out a ton to HOLD comms and fire while teams are being picked, lets try and work on just the admins and captins me itll go a ton faster too.....

    but great comms in the match by my team hands off to seph on that scout again....and great forward defense by stunt, assult and plude

    Capt.Jack and toy were a great was nice teamwork between the both of them at the end of one round.....great job TEAM!!!!!

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    Re: Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

    Ya it was a good match. Got pretty heated up during some of the rounds. A couple rounds started giving me the jitters =]
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      Re: Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

      Yes Great match, even when the Chinese repair man shut my power off for a round! Good planning jack. Nice comms, and I agree shut the heck up during picking teams! :p


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        Re: Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

        Thanks for mentioning the talking part.

        A tip that makes things go very very easy when doing a Captain's Match:

        If you need to tell the admin something, use admin chat. Thats a pound sign before your message:

        # Holy crap, X is on the wrong team

        But if X is really on the wrong team, the captains will let me know. Usually those things work themselves out.

        At any rate, with all talk on and 16 available voices...the only voices I want to hear are the two captains.


        Another point of order: A captain's match is just that, a CAPTAINS MATCH. The captain tells you what to do, and you do it...its a strategy and leadership building exercise that really shows off a single persons ability to manage a team. That being said, let him manage and dont give him lip if he tells you to do something off the wall...or different. THATS OKAY. Completely acceptable. If it doesnt work, its the captains fault, not yours.

        And that, my friends, is the genius of being enlisted.


        To give my own AAR:

        Alaska, I liked the way you did some non-standard stuff. A lot of people, my self included, definately like to play it safe when it comes to known maps like Italy and Kismayo. You did a bunch of non standard stuff...that didnt work. Hey well, its not all your fault...they had us incredibly out gunned, just in terms of pure shooting factor. That bloody Seph has got to be a hax0r. For serious. :D

        I would say you should take better control of your team...give them a few more specific directions...something youd like to see. OR conversely...ask them what THEY like to do. A lot of players like to do what works for them. *I* like to guard white room on Penstock. I keep that stuff locked DOWN.

        You just have to be careful of those guys that like to do stuff like 'scout' (read: get their head blown off by the opposing sniper). Seriously...if they cant hack the job you give them, demote them.

        A bit of a long read...but...hope it helps.




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          Re: Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

          stupid sleep kept me out of this... aaaagggggggghhhhhhh


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            Re: Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

            I agree with section on the part about asking. It is nice to be able to play where you are strong at.

            For example, the captain match I played the other day on Alaskan's team, he knew I was scouting and told me to go where I felt I would do the most damage. Rightfully so, because I did do alot of damage.

            Don't get me wrong, I will do whatever you tell me without complaining, but some people are just alot stronger at certain positions. If you notice someone is struggling, ask them if there is a spot they are better at and if someone wants to switch with them.

            Noticing these kinds of things helps lead a team well. Good stuff though, sounds like you guys had fun.
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              Re: Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

              I have yet to be a captain :( If possible I would like to do a match tonight on cs_kismayo.
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                Re: Capt. Match: Jack Bauer v Alaskan

                Yes that is a strong tactic. To let your teamates go where they are the strongest. But also remember that no matter what your Captain says it is your job to make it work and work well. Its not his fault its yours :) He's Captain for a reason.

                Now the forums are a differant story :) If you think that Captain needs some tips it is always welcome because everyone can learn from what you observe :)

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