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[AXD] Gen. Waffles VS |TG-303rd| STUNTGURU

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  • [AXD] Gen. Waffles VS |TG-303rd| STUNTGURU


    Well Stunt started on CT and missed the first 2 rounds because I think of a kick or internet problems not so sure :(

    This is the first time I seen Waffles Captain and I must say he did a fine job. He knew the map and placed us all in good defensive positions. With good side by side teamwork and great comms we kept the CT off of the hostages round after round. I think twice they got close to maybe getting in to tag them but failed.

    We switched sides after 4 rounds and Waffles again assigned us all at positions putting majority of his team at front alley and vents. We moved in and within it seemed seconds took down the whole terrorist team for the second cinch win of the night. Final score 5 Waffles 0 Stunt.

    Thank you Captains and everyone for keeping it Tactical.

    Thank you Assault for helping run the match.

    On a side note the only thing I seen that Waffles coulda did was when we started lossing half our team one round he could have stayed on top of us to regroup and defend.


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    Re: [AXD] Gen. Waffles VS |TG-303rd| STUNTGURU

    good work fellas

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      Re: [AXD] Gen. Waffles VS |TG-303rd| STUNTGURU

      The Chinese Connection conspired to bring Stunt DOWN! OH THE HUMANITY! Sounds like a tough time for Stunts team. Good job everyone! Congratulations to the military breakfast food!
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        Re: [AXD] Gen. Waffles VS |TG-303rd| STUNTGURU

        Good job guys..I'm assuming you were messaging me last night(stunty) to come play in the match but I was asleep.. I wish you guys would have more captain matches for us older folks earlier in the day 1am is just so late for meh :\




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