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-F10-Turbo |TG| VS |TG-32nd| suid

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  • -F10-Turbo |TG| VS |TG-32nd| suid

    Assault Tactic

    Well Turbo was off to a great start leading with 2-0 when an SM took him out the game. We had a few SM joins in this match that doesn't always happen but tonight it was a plenty. Anyway after Turbo was out of server I was Temp captain.

    Boy I have to say I don't know if suid was just feeling us out or he got angry at us because he unloaded the hurt. We managed to get into the warehouse 2 times as CT onn the final rounds and it looked like we could take the round when the T's just destroyed us like it was a trap :( We got our captain back when the score was 4-2 suid and Turbo got back just in time to not help us :)

    Both Captains did a real good job. Thank you everyone for playing and Clef and Xen for helping.

    I was going to kinda knock Turbo's Captain abilities at first there because he wanted everyone to go where they was comfortable. After the first round he start adjusting the team and was calling some positons. This to me is good future leadership tools and until we get him in for a whole match we won't see what hes capable of doing yet :)

    I bring this up because you should as a captain not just let every just play. You should get them to move together and hold together certain points in game as a team. Its about getting your plan to succeed.




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