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Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

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  • Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

    Today, at around midnight, me and Clefspeare went head to head for the win on cs_italy_tactik2.

    I chose terrorist forst and he chose person.

    I picked all my brothers from the 303rd with the exception of Godsmack and Extinct.

    First and second rouonds we stuck to the house...1-0 me.

    Third round we managed to pick them off slowly at the beggining then eliminated them when they moved to the house...2-0 me.

    Fourth round they had an awesome plan to rush up mid after they smoked long hall which pretty much confused the heck outta me and my team...3-1 me.

    After we switched teams, they played a well round by guarding long hall by the tree and carefully watching mid and tree corner and managed to get it 1v1. Skylark ended up killing TampaTony in the house for the win...3-2 me.

    Next, i instructed my team to pick them off as well as possible and we didnt even half to push into nthe house this round...4-2 me.

    Then, out off extensive planning (psych), i stole their plan of smoking long and rushed up mid with p90s and m4s for the win of the match...5-2 me!

    In a nutshell, both captains and their sets of men, played and awesome game and it was a match that couldve gone either way. Always a pleasure to play with you Clef, and thanks for puttin up a helluva fight!1

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    Re: Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

    in other words, Creams team (with me on it of course) PWNED! end of story!

    jk guys, Good games tonight!
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      Re: Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

      Yeah,good game. There were a couple of those first rounds, I thought we (clef's team) had it. We were up by a 2-3 people and moving in. Only to have one of those everyone seems to die at once situations.

      The round I pulled out a win, I was up against a few of them and managed to fight them off. Flashed outside off edge of front door, ran out, shot one with my p90. Ran upstairs, shot out window, then jumped down from edge of stairs and got last guy as he was coming in from sewer(?) or front door.

      Good match, but:

      remember to not goof around when it is time to switch teams. Lot of people still doing silly dumb things and annoying the admin! When time, go sit in a corner and hide! GOOD BOY! have a bisquit.
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        Re: Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

        Good Game fellas. I had fun I hope you all did.

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          Re: Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

          I was trying to join ya'll for 2 hours but I finally gave up. Laptop is crap :)

          FUN FUN


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            Re: Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

            Yeah maka seemed to kill at least 3 of us those couple rounds when we tried to breach the house.

            Anyway, match was good. Many of the rounds were close calls for whichever side pulled out the win.

            As skylark said, please remember to do nothing when the admin is trying to get everything set up (Including the switch).
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              Re: Creamsodaman vs. Clefspeare.

              Yea, gj cream! Man, i always seem to be offline during captains matches. Well, sounded like a good game.
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