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|TG-32nd|-suid vs |TG-32nd| Michael Knight

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  • |TG-32nd|-suid vs |TG-32nd| Michael Knight

    it's all in the family :D
    Well lets see here it pretty much started off like this it was navarro michael chose first player and I picked CT
    First round: I was under the impression that captains matches started off with 10k but the map started with the standard cash 2750 so I thought we weren't going live and lost one of my teammates to the T's and haven't had my plan up yet(but non the less it shouldn't matter) So after about 1 minute I put my team into the 2nd set bathroom full force 3 downstairs 3 upstairs and then it just started to go down hill from there I went down first then my second command went down 1 by 1 we fell as mike had a really good defensive strat setup with his team.
    The aftermath: we did what we could with what we had but it went downhill after that everything I tried just failed miserably as michael had some excellent defensive strats
    went 4-0
    Terrorists: we managed to pick up the first win and lost the second
    Final score 4-1 michael

    as spar quotes I stepped up like a man and sat down like a little girl

    good game all I had a fun and thanks clef for running this for us I'm loving these captains matches as were having alot more lately which makes playing here alot more fun.

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    Re: |TG-32nd|-suid vs |TG-32nd| Michael Knight

    Suid first off, a lot is two words. Anyways great job to both captains. This was a fun match, well played on defense to michael's team as we had a strong front held and when a man fell we had a plan in place to have a rotation. I felt like our defense was similar to the defense johnny put against me in our last match on this map. The second round we sent most of the team pipe room, flashed the left side and just outnumbered the coverage to the point where the rotations could not keep up. Nice try suid, i still think you lead winning pct with a 5-1 record. Thanks for the organization of this match clef.


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      Re: |TG-32nd|-suid vs |TG-32nd| Michael Knight

      Good fun guys. Don't forget about Sloppy, he did most of the talking, I just did the team switching.
      "We can not ensure success, but we can deserve it." - John Adams
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        Re: |TG-32nd|-suid vs |TG-32nd| Michael Knight

        Actually I never knew how to change the money but I think I can now. But as for me I won't unless another captain does.This admin prefrence shouldn't be an issue for captains.

        I think low funds are even more of a challenge just like any map is good for a captains. If as a captain u have certain assignments then the first words out of your mouth should be please don't buy anything until your assigned. Nothing is worse then picking the right man for a sniping job only to have to make him switch guns with a scouting hog. Or when you need your best rifle support buy an M5.

        Again I think low funds are just another tactic for a captain to focus on.

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