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Yourang vs Skylark

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  • Yourang vs Skylark

    My team -
    Skylark (duh)
    uh.. dang it should have writtne this down or typed it earlier instead of waiting to post this. I'm sure they'll make a note

    we were Ts at first
    we did an assault on A. I sent 3 to the roof, the other 4 of us were supposed to go out that door on our side of A. I was slow giving the plan, so we didn't get going before the CTs were in position. So we got sliced up a bit at first, but my team was able to pull it out for a win.

    Then we went for B.
    4 through the mid with bomb, 3 of us the quick back way to B. again, we were able to cut them up and win without a bomb plant.

    we went A again.
    I forget our exact plan, but we won.

    A - this time we lost.
    4 went to back and down through the lower double doors.
    3 of us went to roof.
    I led the charge to the top of the roof with a nade. I was shot in the head by suid I believed and we slowly got picked off for a loss.

    so at end of round 4, it was 3-1

    We switched to Ts. I put 2 on roof, 2 in A, 2 in B and I took mid.
    Round 5 - we won and I didn't see much. My team just did a great job at taking them down one by one.

    Same action plan. We had them down to 2 with 4 of us left, and both were on roof (suid and modis). Suid picked off one of our 4. I moved up to our side of roof and tried to throw a nade. I moved back too quickly, bounced it off edge of doorway and did 1 to myself. I tried again, hurt suid and modis killed me. that left it 2 vs 2. But we knew that neither had a med kit because we had heard one of them give it to the other. Our guy in B killed 1. His team mate came running, but after being shot by his team mate, he was distracted and modie was able to kill him. They raced to A, but modis bled out and we achieved victory.

    None of my plans were remarkably good. My team just was able to out shoot the other team. Even the couple of times we seemed to be down, we came back due to good shooting. Whenever I was alive, I tried to stay hidden most of the time and just watch the radar, keeping people in balanced locations.
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    Re: Yourang vs Skylark

    Well done to both sides. Enjoyable match.
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