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1er vs Monkey*

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  • 1er vs Monkey*

    walmart security

    Laredo kid for Snax
    Sgt. Pepper for Bugsy

    It was a tight match up,
    (as cts )
    I set up 3 A 1 mid Double doors and 3 at B. Pcs started as T and won the first round with the bomb. That put all of us at -1 to start out. Round 2 was all middle and A. we held our ground Both sides took casualties, Extinct tried to take the bomb B where I was waiting. Round 3 went back to PCS for stellar positioning. Round 4 Regs came back with a win which lead to a tie game of 2&2

    (As T's)
    First round I had Thatguy scouting A as we faked a mid rush, that enabled us to head B for the plant which was executed perfectly. round 6 a win. Round 7 was a loss, PCS had middle on lockdown which led to multiple Tks by both teams lol. Round 8 was a quick blitz through courtyard to A which went off without a hitch.

    (As ct's) I called same positions for everyone since it worked( if it ain't broke don't break it)
    Pcs victory in round 9 by rushing courtyard, round 10 went to pcs who stuck to the bomb at A and it exploded. Round 11 was a toss up, pcs came into A from lower and upper A where Walmart and I were waiting. He was able to pick them off for the win. Regs locked down A and had the bomb down as soon as it hit the site. Big blood bath in A which lead up to 2v1 Courney and elite vs Fransan. Courtney was right on top of the bomb. Elite was posted up by spawn and caught Fran trying to bust a move through spawn. He fired 1 shot which was a HS for the Regs to take the Win.

    Great match for both sides guys.
    It really could have gone either way!

    Reg's Victory
    Oct 11 09
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    Re: 1er vs Monkey*

    Good job REGS :)


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      Re: 1er vs Monkey*

      Indeed it was a semi close game near the end there.

      Grats Regs.

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