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de_haunts Xen vs. Waffles 1/7/10

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  • de_haunts Xen vs. Waffles 1/7/10

    Sgt Pepper....................Extinct
    Sirusblk.......................(can't remember)

    Xen's team started off as CT, and setup a pretty solid defense. We had two in the dark room, two in the control room, and we had YouRang floating between A and B to assist any pushs into the bombsite. Suid and myself were in the graveyard mainly in the stairwell him lower and I was upper. First round T's tried a delayed push to graveyard which CT's were able to repel. The seocnd round, T's tried working up the hallways and use the ride as cover. With the two, two man teams working A, CT's were again able to repel the T advance. Third round was a delayed pick off. The T's sent two people to each bombsite trying to penatrate either bombsite. After a short bout of confusion CT's were able to pull it out. Fourth round, T's do a fast rush to graveyard and are able to capture the site.

    Switch: 3-1 Xen

    Still liking the idea of 2 man fire teams, at the start of the fifth round, I send a team towards each bombsite to try and pick. After a few kills I have the team push for Graveyard. We are able to eliminate the defense before planting. On the sixth round, CT's change their tactics as I again send out 2 two man teams to pick. The CT's push up in the hallways and engage us where the ride starts. This proved to work quite well cause in the confusion CT's wipe us. So, with this in mind, on the seventh round, I decide to hit them head on, and have everyone go hallways, bomber and one other going far left the rest working the hall. We are able to engage those that were moving up and once we are able to meet in the crazy stair room were able to push towards the ballroom and then Suid wipes almost all the CT's. The eighth round, I decide to try and work the graveyard entrances, only to get pinched in the hallways outside the stairwell. CT's take us out.

    Switch: 5-3 Xen

    Contuning my winning stradegy, the ninth round starts with the same fireteams covering their original locations. This works well because they try to push hallways, with the team in the office delaying T's long enough for Yourang, Suid and myself to flank in the candlestick hallway. The tenth round, T's go all out and rush the graveyard and are able to gain access before CT's can respond, it's left up to Yourang to end this and it comes down to a shootout in the darkroom between him and extinct. Yourang fails.
    The Eleventh round, Not changing defense at all, we are able to halt the T advance in the hallways, picking off the the last of the T's in the hallways.

    Match: 7-4 Xen.

    I would like to thank my team for the tight knit teamwork that everyone showed. I might not have been clear lastnight but you all understood what I was looking for on Defense and rocked it. I would also like to thank Suid for taking charge the couple times I went down early in the rounds. Waffles team, good match, if you want a rematch sometime I'd be down.
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    Re: de_haunts Xen vs. Waffles 1/7/10

    Good write up Xen and very interesting game.


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      Re: de_haunts Xen vs. Waffles 1/7/10

      thus was a great match.

      most of us didnt know the map, which added a flavor of mystery.
      you guys shoulda seen extinct freak out lol.

      thanks suid for setting this up.

      and congrats xen
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