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Captain's Match CyANiiDE VS suid 1/26/10

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  • Captain's Match CyANiiDE VS suid 1/26/10

    Result of the match is CyANiiDE 7, suid 1
    The map played was de_spirits_tg

    #1 pick was Laredo Kid
    Also got Kulmar, Ultima, Clefspeare, Extinct, INRI, and I believe the last one was Sparks.

    I want to thank everyone for helping fill the server and making it a great display of tactical performance. I especially want to thank my team for executing orders and playing exceptionally well. Thanks TG for the fun times, looking forward to having more matches in the future =)
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    Re: Captain's Match CyANiiDE VS suid 1/26/10

    was a fun match.

    Thanks suid for hosting this for us.

    Congrats on your win cyaniide, you were able to shut suid down!!!
    lol, and good effort suid and his team.

    ribbons ribbon RIBBONS (nominate those who deserve them :D )!!!
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      Re: Captain's Match CyANiiDE VS suid 1/26/10

      Sorry for leaving mid match. My connection just died.
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        Re: Captain's Match CyANiiDE VS suid 1/26/10

        It's alright, I've left in the middle of matches to go eat dinner.
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