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Aes0p |TG| vs. Broly (Nomad) |TG| 2/9/2010

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  • Aes0p |TG| vs. Broly (Nomad) |TG| 2/9/2010

    well this was a beauty.
    Aes0p- a well rounded player who has been absent for quite some time
    Nomad- A good shot who also disappeared for a while.

    I think it was Nomad who had first pick? i'm not sure. it eneded up with Aes0p taking the T side and Broly on the CT.

    First Round
    Aes0p had 3 of us watching the first set area, a couple on the left sode and the rest roaming. We won the first round?

    Second Round
    We won.

    Third Round
    we lost. Broly was able to pick us apart.

    2-1 Aes0p at the switch

    Fourth Round
    Ct side now and Aesop had us ignore the right side completly. We had Vulcan watching the right side flank in case Nomads team pushed up.
    We were able to take the round

    Fifth Round
    I think we lost

    Sixth Round
    I thnk we lost

    3-3 Tie at the switch (i rememebr it was tie at some point :P)

    Seventh Round
    CT side again and i think i forgot the rest of the match!!
    somone help me!

    All i know is our captain was kicked lke twice for a reserved slot, but he was able to come back and direct us tothe win!
    Final score 7-4 Aes0p?
    i know Aes0p won, but i don recall the exact score :P

    Thanks to all who participated and Aes0p and Nomad for stepping up!
    Was a great match!
    And thanks to Suid for setting this up!!!

    Remember to nominate your fellow players for ribbons!

    Also, please feel free to correct anything i have written! i have a horrid memory...
    :icon35: Ultima |TG-PCS| :icon35:

    This is where I put my ribbons.

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    Re: Aes0p |TG| vs. Broly (Nomad) |TG| 2/9/2010

    Thanks for the write up Ultima. I just wish more people would do these! :)


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      Re: Aes0p |TG| vs. Broly (Nomad) |TG| 2/9/2010

      I try and write up any match I captain, unless I'm completely stomped.


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        Re: Aes0p |TG| vs. Broly (Nomad) |TG| 2/9/2010

        I was considering doing this but since I was slotkicked more than once I decided to give it a miss and let someone with more complete info go for it. I'll get out my pen and paper next time! ;)

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