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Laredo Kid vs. Conen (Feb 24)

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  • Laredo Kid vs. Conen (Feb 24)

    Map was de_damaged

    Laredo's team/defending spots
    Laredo- bombsite A
    suid- dirt
    pepper- upper dam
    exalted- lower dam then bombsite A
    earball- bombsite A then lower dam
    saphric- dirt
    extinct- upper dam
    My T plans were splitting up and rushing a bombsite.
    My team won 7-1. Couldn't of done it without my team.

    It was very fun, hope we have more capt matches soon.
    Thank you Suid for setting it up.
    ( We will meet again Conen)
    Hello Vokerr

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    Re: Laredo Kid vs. Conen (Feb 24)

    We will meet again! I don't think i should have captained, it was throw at me and i just felt inclined to say yes, but I wasnt really in my comfort zone. Once I warm up to matches once again I'll try my hand in it. However, it was a nice match, and a learning experience. GG all.
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      Re: Laredo Kid vs. Conen (Feb 24)

      Nice try conen. It was a lot of pressure for me the first time i ever captained a match. i lost 5-0 to Jenume :P

      But, try again and im sure you will do better! Keep at it, and improvement will come!

      ohh and here is the secret, you gotta have me on your team!!! lol jk, i suck

      Congrats to both teams on the mtach and remember to nominate your fellow players for ribbons!!
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