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AG vs Laredo Kid(sp) on de_summi 3/7

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  • AG vs Laredo Kid(sp) on de_summi 3/7

    First round went to Laredo crushing the rush to Alpha by AG w/ one man down because Extinct failed to correct his internet and killed it instead.
    In changing his approach while still a man down, AG decided to move slower on both sides of the map utilizing people for their strong suits winning the following two rounds. (7v7 upon the 3rd round)
    2-1 AG at side swap #1

    The first two rounds Laredo punished AG for his offensive wins by devastating his defense on A by crushing it with a hard rushes to alpha. AG realized his problem and adjusted to win the final round as CT.
    3-3 Tie

    Thinking it was the final round (everyone on AG's team assumed this was the final round but Suid new it wasn't but never bothered to say a thing) AG organized a spread in all four directions, making Laredo not know where the bomb was going or giving him any room to adjust. 4-3 AG
    The next two rounds are fuzzy but i think at the team swap it was 6-3 AG
    In trying to read Laredo's plans AG placed all but two people on Alpha and was decisively crushed by Laredo's plan to hit both sites till one gave free - Alpha i believe it was. The next round Laredo realized that the far left side by B was not being guarded because Laredo had never utilized it so he moved his whole team through the open corridor behind alpha and bravo until everyone was dead and had AG's team devastated before the bomb beeped a second time.
    6-5 AG.
    The final round was won in the mid with a crushing blow to Lerado's rush from mid to A then an attempt to move to Bravo from mid. bomb was downed and surrounded by 5 of AG's squad. Tiny and someone else were left to attempt to disassemble the guarded bomb. the 'someone' rushed in from T spawn to mid killing one while tiny approached from the opposite side from the CT mid by way of the forklift. Tiny flashed first - missing AG and his mate to the left, Tiny was drained of his lifeforce by AG and his nade exploding in tiny's face followed up by one ak shot to end his pressure while his teammate killed someone and orthos killed the final guy in a crazed spray from his sig.
    Final 7-5 AG
    Thanks to everyone for playing the Capts match. Fun map and great game. very well balanced all the way through.

    (p.s.) the guy under the walkway area at alpha behind the boxes was not only a great spot but a real issue in stopping two or three alpha plants by AG's squad.
    (p.s.) this might not be a perfect memory on the match but i think it is close for the most part. correct me if i was incorrect at all and i'm sorry it took so long to post this - main reason why it might have errors.


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    Re: AG vs Laredo Kid(sp) on de_summi 3/7

    nice wite up AG. thanks to all those who participated. And many thanks to you suid for setting this one up!!

    Remember to nominate deserving idividuals for ribbons! Great game guys :D
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    This is where I put my ribbons.




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