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|TG-32nd| suid |PCS| vs |TG-32nd| Extinct |PCS|

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  • |TG-32nd| suid |PCS| vs |TG-32nd| Extinct |PCS|


    Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a great match!

    Team suid

    Team Extinct

    I split my team up a few rounds for a rush on the A & B sites.
    Rest of the time on T I had my team split up and try to confuse them and slow picked, then made the decision on where the bomb will go. Splitting up the team accordingly though. :)

    First round we got rocked, Extinct confused the hell out of us.
    Next rounds I had to rearrange the team accordingly and we pulled out some wins.

    End Score 7-2 |TG-32nd| suid |PCS|

    GG all and thanks for participating.

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    Re: |TG-32nd| suid |PCS| vs |TG-32nd| Extinct |PCS|

    woooo!! was a fun match! good job guys! awesome match.

    Nominate those who are deserving for ribbons!
    :icon35: Ultima |TG-PCS| :icon35:

    This is where I put my ribbons.


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      Re: |TG-32nd| suid |PCS| vs |TG-32nd| Extinct |PCS|

      Sounds like a fun match - slummi has a lot of potential for matches I guess :)
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        Re: |TG-32nd| suid |PCS| vs |TG-32nd| Extinct |PCS|

        This was a very fun match, thanks to my team we did a good job at defending suid's fire teams near the end of the game.

        I am not a fan of rushes so I tried to do as little of them as possible considering how much the map gives you to work with. I also tried to split my team up into squads for a couple rounds but could not get past suid's waves of defense being throw at us. I welcome another match on this same map some time.

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        I kept having my defense time out or lag out during suid's initial rush's to either A or B. By the time connections started to get strong suid had already switched to a slow pick at both sites to throw me and my team off. I was really not expecting that at all(very nice job there), the last couple rounds were all the same and I could not make up my mind on where to set everyone up to defend for a plant.

        GG to all who participated.

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