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Nomad vs. Conen (De_Forest (thats right, they do forest Capt. Matches now))

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  • Nomad vs. Conen (De_Forest (thats right, they do forest Capt. Matches now))

    Now this was actually a mini-match. It was gonna be a 7v7 on Damaged but there were a lot of complaints about damaged, so we held a vote between dam and forest. Forest won, but some people left because for SOME CRAZY REASON they don't think it's a good map. Anyway, the final results ended up being a 4v5 to start.

    This was a VERY fun match. This has always been my favorite map and so naturally I chose to captain. I started off on T side with a team of fabulous shots.
    The teams were from recollection
    Conen team:
    -Ultima (came late)

    Nomad Team:
    -Sgt. Pepper
    - I forget who the fifth was

    Anyway, we started off trying to go nice and slow. We would post up and scout out the area for movement and move up. That was the theory at least, we ended up getting smashed in two of the three rounds. I can't remember which we won or how we won it.
    The score at the end of the first segment was 2-1 Nomad

    We switched to CT and did broc and ext on A, cubic on water, and myself on B. We had a system worked out where we would rotate quickly after spotting multiples on radar, to play it safe. However, we couldnt quite shift into gear right away and got taken over by a few rushes. I cant remember what the score was at the end of this segment but they were still winning.

    We moved to T again, and I think we got 1 of the 3 again.
    I have a horrible memory sorry. At some point they lost one player and we ended up picking up Ultima. I believe we got him right as we went back to CT.

    We switched again to CT. We figured out the dealio. We had great comms which led to us pulling out 3 straight wins, bringing the score to 6-6

    Finally, we pulled off a final win on T. We didnt want to rush, that's not our style. We went with a "Smooth and buttery" slide through the B side. great comms and great performance by all of my team, and I believe on this round we didnt lose a single player.

    Final score was 7-6 with Conen Team as the victor!
    Great game to everybody who participated! Thanks to Extinct for setting the match up.
    I think I speak for everybody there (except Sgt. Pepper) when I say we need more FOREST!!
    "Be careful guys, he's got a gun"
    - Sparhawxx

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    Re: Nomad vs. Conen (De_Forest (thats right, they do forest Capt. Matches now))

    great write up sir connen and congrats to on your win.
    Good job by nomads team, you guys put up a hell of a fight!

    Thanks to all those who participated.
    And thanks to extinct for setting this up.

    nominations nominations nominations NOMINATIONS!!!
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