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Atx Da Chef Spleeph VS Arm (+) Unfurled

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  • Atx Da Chef Spleeph VS Arm (+) Unfurled

    Desert atrocity "map"

    Spleeph "captain" Arm Captain
    Walmart Voker
    Laredo Action
    Anderson Nomad
    Extinct Bronzburg
    Peabnut bubber Evil Tiki

    I started the Match by picking the closest number and chose to pick first player since I love both sides of this map.
    Arm chose to take T first.
    *I would like to thank my team for following orders to the T, minus one player who always does what "he" wants to do.
    To make a long story short, we had a flawless victory and went 7-0
    This map is beautiful and is great for captains match. It isn't a one sided map as allot of them can be at times.
    Everyone was in position by the time the other team got there and I was impressed.
    I dont think we ever lost more then 3-4 people in any of the rounds except for the final round.
    Final round was pretty epic. We had lost all of our players except me and one other and voker was the last T
    Voker managed to take our whole squad down to just 2 with bomb down in mid he picked his way "almost to victory" *Impressive
    Lucky my scouter took him out and nicked me at the same time. :) *Great job
    Was pretty fun for my team.
    We were using intricate tactics so we could play this awesome map to the extreme.
    Thanks again for everyone playing last night "at 1am no less"

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    Re: Atx Da Chef Spleeph VS Arm (+) Unfurled

    When did i nick you O.o


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      Re: Atx Da Chef Spleeph VS Arm (+) Unfurled

      I thought you nicked me on that last shot that you killed him with. Or was it him that shot me and you killed him immediately? All I know is that I got shot as soon as he went down! ;) "Sorry if not" I thought I seen a "attacked a teammate" message. I may have been mistaken. lol wouldn't be the first time.




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