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|TG-24th| SGT.Anderson VS |TG-24th| Nomad

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  • |TG-24th| SGT.Anderson VS |TG-24th| Nomad

    Map: Damage_Beta

    |TG-24th| SGT.Anderson|
    [OG] .Lardedo Kid*
    |TG| Machine
    Extinct |TG-PCS|


    |TG-24| Nomad
    Walmart Security
    ARM( + )unFURLED

    First off this was my first time being a captain it was alot of fun and enjoyed it. I won the number pick and i choose the player first since i wanted to have some good shooters and that's what i got. Nomad choose to be CT first so i had the bomb first. First rounds of captain's matches are kinda un easy so i choose a simple plan to plant A took 3 men to TOP A and the last 3 Dirt (MID) to get to A through the locker room both teams got there about the same time planted held up some great bomb defense. Frist round was 3-0 Anderson, Second round setting up my defense for this map kinda tricky my first plan was 3 B ( one on site- second on the second lvl looking at the door as if they would come from mid) 2 Mid/dirt and 2 A. had to adjust this after the first round made it 1 B on the second lvl checking site and mid lvl door that comes from mid/dirt. 1 man down lower dam. 1 man upper dam. 1 Men mid/dirt and 2 men A, This plan worked out alot better was able to have a better feel of where they where coming from and how to rotate and flank them. i kept this set for defense the rest of the map. second round was 4-2 Anderson. Back with Bomb, the problem with this map is there are many ways to go to the bomb site with that many ways there is many ways to get flanked from with that said means you have to move quick after your spotted with the bomb so you dont get flanked so it seamed to be fast paced once the first contact took place. we went 6-3 i i think. Took up the same Defense trying to get the win they came out and won the first round but we dug deep and got the win. (7-4). Nomad great game was fun, allso i want to thank every on my team its not so much the Captain as it is the men with the guns, 6 guns speaks louder then 1 Captain. Good job every one.

    SGT Anderson
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    Re: |TG-24th| SGT.Anderson VS |TG-24th| Nomad

    |TG-24th|Gen. Waffles CO


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      Re: |TG-24th| SGT.Anderson VS |TG-24th| Nomad

      Good write up, on a side note... These AAR's make it easier to nominate ribbons to the people that deserve them.

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