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  • Inverted vs. Ultima |TG-PCS|



    Teams (in no particular order):

    Extinct |TG-PCS|
    Vokker (sexy)
    ATx Da Chef: Spleeph
    Walmart Security
    |TG-32nd| YouGotSmoked |PCS|
    |TG-24th| Broccoli Jr.

    Ultima |TG-PCS|
    |TG-32nd| suid |PCS|
    |TG-24th| INRI
    |TG-24th| Nomad
    |TG-32nd| YouRang (loves wife)

    Down and dirty; this map is pretty straight-forward, and knowing my team the way I did, I imposed my trust and confidence in their abilities and judgment. Starting as a CT, I assigned buddy teams with exception of Broccoli (no bias intended). I told each buddy pair their position and method of advance. I told them to take care of one another and to not be a hero. I also told them if I go down, next one in charge is going to be the one with the highest score. The rest I left to their disposal. We focused on a slow but steady advance as a whole, covering all avenues of approach, and when the time was right, would rescue hostages. On the defensive team, with slight modification to the teams, I used the same concept with, in this case, a slow and steady retreat, as needed. I tried to use overwatch and crosstalk, without giving up tactical advantages, to my advantage. Last round, going back to CT, I tried a rush, with a left side of the map cordoned off by half of my team. The other half (4 of us to be precise) took right side ground working together and utilizing cross-coverage to advance into the second set of hostages. With steady success on both sides, I ordered the left side to advance parallel to our position, and we subsequently took the objective by eliminating all of the opposing team at the second set... But not without fierce resistance from AG, who almost gave me a heart attack by killing 3 of my players with our last stand advantage of 4 vs 1. Chef painstakingly took the last point of the match.

    With my total trust and confidence in my team's judgment and abilities, I utilized unity of command, overwatch, and emphasizing of individual actions in order to close with and destroy the enemy in close combat, end result being 7-1

    Thanks for a great game , I will see you all next year!

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    Re: Inverted vs. Ultima |TG-PCS|

    this was a great one, Have fun on your deployment and be safe

    "Well Jayne, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."


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      Re: Inverted vs. Ultima |TG-PCS|

      congrats man. we just couldnt get our shots off. u guys were everywhere!!! ahhhhhhh
      thanks extinct for setting this up.
      :icon35: Ultima |TG-PCS| :icon35:

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        Re: Inverted vs. Ultima |TG-PCS|

        Good match! Ultima, next time don't leave your team unexpectedly. :) As for Inverted.. Be safe and go USA!




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