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|TG-24th|Broccoli Jr. VS |TG-32nd|Skylark|PCS|

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  • |TG-24th|Broccoli Jr. VS |TG-32nd|Skylark|PCS|

    First and foremost, I must apologise for forgetting a screencap! If I mess up the teams or some such thing, please mention it.
    The map was de_stratocorp2.
    I chose CT as my starting team, after guessing a number betwixt 1 and 420.
    My team had, in no particular order, YouRang, Hoggar, Vokerr, Michaelknight, Magna Centipede, and later in the round Zwolf.
    Sky's team I'm not so sure about, so I'll let him post it.
    My team started the round badly, as I thought camping the sites was the proper method of team disposition; after three losses, I found out it is better to cover the center, but that was too late to try!
    After what seemed to be a failed B rush, my team discovered how easily it is to turn all T spawn exits into bottlenecks, and we died attempting to rush A and B again.
    The score was now 6-0; I was determined not to be swept, and so we played with Rang and Magna covering the sites while everyone else covered part of the center. We had a great round, and finally pulled a victory out! However, next round we were swept on a box room rush coupled with a delayed center rush that caught us rotating.
    Overall, it was a very professionally played round with some bad captaining on my part and great captaining on Sky's.
    Thanks for the great game team, and great job opponents!
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    Re: |TG-24th|Broccoli Jr. VS |TG-32nd|Skylark|PCS|

    Let's see
    I had Ultima, Lareto, Mandark, Skylark, Yougotsmoked, Extinct, Denots
    We had 7 team and they had 6 at first. Toward the end, Ultima volunteered to switch teams, but Zwolf joined before he reconnected, so he came back on our team.

    As Ts, I usually tried to split into 2 groups to give some flexibility and keep the CTs from all moving to one spot.
    I tried to use that middle path that leads to the doors that then leads to the CTs spawn by the site. It often isn't guarded much.

    Broke my team into 2 groups.
    Round 1 – send 3 up middle stairs while 4 (including bomb) went up far right. Plan was to move together toward that middle hall. I don’t think I explained it well, because group of 3 went up stairs pushed forward and down that back hall (I THINK)… but didn’t join up with us quite where I planned. It worked though.
    Round 2 – similar. But switched group of 4 from far right to the far left stairs up. Pushed in, got plant. I died, but team continued
    Round 3 – Pushed everyone up right stairs. Then half through box room, half went to that middle hall to left.

    As CTs.
    Basic defense. 1 by stairwell entrance by box room.
    2 in A to back up box room or move toward center.
    2 in middle area covering that stair well.
    2 on far stairs near A.
    Round 4
    I put one person up close to that stairwell that comes up by box room. I believe it was Laredo. He cut down several of them, we rotated when bomb was down in box room and got the win.
    Round 5
    They pushed up middle set of stairs and got cut up.
    Round 6.
    The pushed far left (box room) and Noskill (maybe others?) tried far side by A.
    Back to Ts.
    Round 7. Tried a far left push, but some of team went wrong way ( I was not clear and did not look at radar until too late, then I died before I could fix it) Lost. As Broc says, they also pushed up farther on defense. So our push failed there, too.

    Round 8 We did a far right push up. Half to go through box, half left and up through middle to CT spawn. Similar to round 1, but everyone went up same stairwell. I died early, but we won.

    I think the main problem was that they allowed us to get up that right stairwell easily. You can’t just hang back in the box room, IMO. That allows too much freedom and lack of information on movements.

    It was a great game. I usually do horribly on defense planning. But my team was able to keep the Ts from getting a staging out of their entrances and that helped a lot. It was a great match. thanks to everyone!
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      Re: |TG-24th|Broccoli Jr. VS |TG-32nd|Skylark|PCS|

      love stratocorp!!! congrats sky. and broc, dont worry. its one loss and im sure u will get some wins in future captains mathces.
      thanks for setting this match up extinct!
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