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How to keep CSS Fresh with skins

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  • How to keep CSS Fresh with skins

    Yea CSS can get old after playing with the same old low quality weapon skins and sounds but im here to help keep CSS fresh adding hi res realistic weapon skins and sounds is the perfect way to get back into CSS when your done you will allmost think your playing a different game.

    First off Ill show you where to get a few weapon skins these are the ones im currently using you can search for your own. desert eagle ak47 m4a1 glock usp
    This is just a few you can reskin all of your weapons it may take a few hours but it will be worth it in the end.
    Thier is still plenty more to reskin than just weapons. gloves c4 Hi Res shells improved water effects flashbang realistic explosions

    Most of these skins have a read me witch tells you where to install them just follow the folders and you may have to create some folders if youve never skined before. terrorist idol position - this one i really like it changes the terrorist weapon position from hip to shoulder.

    Another thing is radio and player sounds are horrid for css I found a pack that has all new sounds ive been using these sounds for years and still love them. -
    This is a pack it comes with skins sounds and other stuff all you want is the Player Sounds , radio sounds , Item and Misc Sounds and realistic weapon names from the pack so Dont install the pack to you css directory install it to a new folder on you desktop and then you can take the sound folders and manually place them in your css directory. It sounds harder than it really is once you get the hang of where all the folders are you will breeze through this.
    If anyone needs help let me know.

    Have fun with your new and improved CSS!
    |TG| Plude220

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    Re: How to keep CSS Fresh with skins

    Great Find Plude!!!

    I know when I played heavily, that I used these all the time, really made it look nice with some of the Hi-Res skins that are out their!

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