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    I was thinking today while sitting at work (the same as I am doing now :D). And I was thinking about how I haven't been playing much CS lately, and that I need to get on my computer later on today, and play like, 11 hours of counter-strike. Sounds like fun, no? It's would be especially good because I am going to be on vacation with my family all next week.

    Well, I want to play a really good match of CS, therefore, I wanted to know if anyone else would be up for a game on server 2 later on today??? Sometime probably around 6 or 7 pm (eastern time). If anyone wants to play I'll be sure to get on there. I'll probably get on server #1 when I get home (in a bout an hour and a half) and ask if anyone would be interested in the idea too.

    Please reply back if you are interested.

    |CS:S Dev Team|

    root: I do it to
    steve: OMG
    steve: TOO
    root: ****ing hell
    root: Spelling nazi down! MEDIC!

    Go ahead, you know you all envy me, I corrected root's grammar :D



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