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Hey Guys, Can't get rid of me forever <(^_^)>

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  • Hey Guys, Can't get rid of me forever <(^_^)>

    Hows ever one doing? I notice a lot of us been away for a while. Thought id give you a guys a heads up of what ive been up to lately. I finally realized that i couldn't juggle 40 hour game play, a part time job and being a full time student, once i entered college. I truly miss you guys. Went flipping back though those screen shots, what great memories. Atm im currently learning to be an animator/modeler/texturer/audio guy more or less. Im currently part of a team I put together and we spit out an animation once and a while.This team just something to do till i get an offer a job in my field so i dont become that starving artists lol. If you guys care to take a look at it, your more then happy too. We just currently got first place in a 24 hour challenge and our work will be showcased in a gallery in Tampa. Wish i had the free time I use to have in high school. Along side that my MLG career hasn't stopped. I have been picked up back a clan for MW3 and making a couple bucks on the side with that. Along with that a paintball career doing scenario style turnys. i will most definitively be back for CSGO. Once CSGO comes out and hammer picks it up, i will be building maps for it on the side,so us as a community will have some thing to do. So that's a 30 second recap of what i been mainly doing in my spare time. i will be on more frequently as my classes loosen up. And maybe even jump into a couple games with you guys. I hope to catch you all online. <(^_^)>

    Leave me times and what not of when your on, so i can see if i can catch you then.

    Steampunk Love

    (P.s. I'm that Francisco guy in the beganning of the credits <(^_^)> lol )

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    Re: Hey Guys, Can't get rid of me forever &lt;(^_^)&gt;

    All sounds good except for the Tampa part. Its cool that you get a gallery to showcase your work but I cant stand Tampa. can you tell that I hate Tampa?

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