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  • Bunny Hopping

    Well... I was playing on the second server having a great time with my teammates. My teammate is leading two hostages with him and gets shot. I start running around the corner, hear him jump out, and shoot him in the leg. Suddenly I am slayed without warning. His excuse was that I was bunny hopping.

    First of all, I have never gotten killed for this... ever and I know several admins have seen me do this. In most other FPS games jumping is used to avoid shots and I can see why this would be frowned on. CSS is horrible for it though as it actually makes you an easier shot and very slow.

    Another thing, I was not hopping as I only jumped out once. If you consider that hopping as in the plural sense please go back to grammer class. If you want to accuse me of something say it right at least.

    There is NOTHING in the CSS forums about bunny hopping so the admin who punished me (I will not name names), perhaps you should read up on the forums. I searched and found nothing in the CSS forums. Oh wait I did find one thing but only in the BF2 forums. Now, do we CSS players have to search through OTHER game forums to find rules pertaining to ours? I find this somehow rediculous.

    Now you see. The admin who killed me did it out of a non existant rule. If you want it followed have it written down as that is a better way to get people to obey it.

    Finally, if this rule does exist somehow by word of mouth... ummm typing I suppose... it seems quite rediculous. So what if you jump out to get a shot. I mean since we can't lean (which I really do detest) I believe this is a good subsitute. I mean you can easily be shot while jumping out and you still have to get your aim back giving the opposition time to aim at you. Since you banned the AWP, I see no reason to keep this in effect especially if you don't have it written somewhere in the forums. In other words, I vote to have this idea banned before it is even implemented.

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    Re: Bunny Hopping

    You tell an admin (temp or otherwise -- you didn't specify, and it doesn't matter) to read the rules and yet ignore this rule yourself:

    You're banned from both servers for a week for starting this thread. Read our rules and follow them. If you have any concerns or complaints, the thread above instructs you on how to proceed.
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