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Bunny Hopping (Now Under Control)

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  • Bunny Hopping (Now Under Control)

    The only reason I am bringing this public is that I have a feeling that the banning of bunny hopping is going to become a rule. In most other FPS games jumping is used to avoid shots and I can see why this would be frowned on. CSS is horrible for it though as it actually makes you an easier shot and very slow.

    I hope to bring light on this quickly and thus extinguish it quickly.

    Also I would like to further apologize for what I did earlier as it was quite brash (actually when I looked back on it after reading Wyzcrack's post I was cringing through most of my own post). I only wish to get others opinions of it also as what happened to me only alerted me to this possibility. I have no complaint against him when I think about it and only want to bring this rule up with the community as it is a legit question about how we play on the servers.

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    Re: Bunny Hopping (Now Under Control)

    AFAIK, TG is a bunny free zone, always has been. Root has been known to clear whole teams of bunnies, without even blinking.

    BTW, questioning any admin publicly is a further violation of the SOPs. Y'all know this.


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      Re: Bunny Hopping (Now Under Control)

      Forget the past. I'm sorry you were popped on the wrist for doing something that's not documented as illegal. Maybe this will become documented. Maybe this will remain one of those things that players are expected to simply and automatically understand, given the omnipresent tone and mood of PCS. I'll let Root decide that.

      Put plainly: Crackjumping is not allowed on the TG PCS servers.

      Anybody can get scared and jump once when he's fired upon. It's a natural reaction. It's exceptional (and laudable) to NOT jump when you're fired upon, especially if PCS is not where you started CSS. Unless Root deems it so, I doubt anyone will have his blessing for kicking you after witnessing you jump one time. But don't using crackjumping (commonly referred to as bunnyhopping) as a defensive technique.
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