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Bunny hopping?

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  • Bunny hopping?

    Did I miss something here?

    I hope I'm not stirring something up by creating this thread, I'm just awfully curious. I read the previous two locked threads when I came home from work and was without a clue as to what it all meant...

    Don't mind me, but I'd like to take some excerpts from the previous thread - just so I can kind of express my confusion...

    Well... I was playing on the second server having a great time with my teammates. My teammate is leading two hostages with him and gets shot. I start running around the corner, hear him jump out, and shoot him in the leg. Suddenly I am slayed without warning. His excuse was that I was bunny hopping.
    First of all, what is bunny hopping? I've never heard of such a thing, atleast not in this sense...

    In most other FPS games jumping is used to avoid shots and I can see why this would be frowned on.
    If it's used to avoid shots...umm...what's the big deal? Isn't atleast one of your priorities not to get shot? Are you supposed to stand or crouch in one position firing your weapon towards your target? Believe me, I'm not trying to be a smart ass, I don't understand what that means...

    I just want to know what all this bunny hopping talk is because tonight I was in a game and an admin (I honestly forget who) randomly told me I was bunny hopping and that is banned on the server.

    What does this mean, why is it so bad (if it even is, maybe I'm just completely lost) and is this suddenly a bannable offense? Because I too haven't read anything concerning the subject here...

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    Re: Bunny hopping?

    this is what wyzcrak wrote :

    Put plainly: Crackjumping is not allowed on the TG PCS servers.

    Anybody can get scared and jump once when he's fired upon. It's a natural reaction. It's exceptional (and laudable) to NOT jump when you're fired upon, especially if PCS is not where you started CSS. Unless Root deems it so, I doubt anyone will have his blessing for kicking you after witnessing you jump one time. But don't using crackjumping (commonly referred to as bunnyhopping) as a defensive technique.

    Im just as confused as you are as i have never heard of this before reading the post on it where i copied what wyzcrak said.
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      Re: Bunny hopping?

      You never said what crack jumping aka bunny hopping is :/. Bunny hopping is jumping up and down in quick succession in order to avoid bullets. It is also commonly done at close range, mostly with the shotguns (when you see someone jump up, fire, crouch fire and jump up really quickly again theyre bunny hopping).

      Hope I cleared some up for you :)
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        Re: Bunny hopping?

        I survive quite a bit till the last man and i never jump, except to get over obstacles. It makes no sense why others feel the need to jump to avoid bullets. As far as i'm concerned it's a pubbie mentatility.

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          Re: Bunny hopping?

          You can't jump repeatedly to avoid taking fire. Call it crackjumping. Call it bunnyhopping. Call it lame. Call it admin abuse.

          You might get more details in a documented rule of some kind. You might not. I'm not sure, and that's Root's call. Either way, be sure to follow the posted guidelines for Admin Complaints if you get disciplined for doing it and want to make that disciplinary action an issue with somebody.
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