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Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

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  • Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread


    Let me begin by stating i've been playing CS since it's original release in 1999. I've seen lots of new hacks, exploits, and cheats. I've admin'd several CS servers, on both WinNT and Linux.

    Back in old CS, on the Half-Life 1 engine, there was an exploit called Strafe-Jumping. It was also called Bunny-Hopping and Crack-Jumping. Strafe-Jumping involved exploiting the physics code of the engine so that if you jumped and strafed at the same time, in a zig-zag pattern, you could gain considerable amounts of speed. Everyone Strafe-Jumped. It was a widely utilized exploit in the physics engine, kind of similar to Rocket Jumping in Quake.

    Everyone did it, that is, until Counter-Strike 1.4, which instituted a small delay in your movement abilities after you landed from a jump. Now, Strafe-Jumping in CS is dead. Dead. Dead. All you can do is jump once-in-awhile to possibly add some type of avoidance of bullets.

    So this becomes what we are fighting today in the TG CS:S server. With the current 'No CrackJumping' rules on TG, it has become a war against people using the jump key in just about every instance. The server is full of people accusing others of CrackJumping or BunnyHopping. It's rediculous and I wish it to end immediately for the following reasons:

    1) Jumping in CS:S is balanced due to the landing movement delay instituted in CS 1.4
    2) People jump in real life to avoid bullets. They also duck, roll, peek around corners, and go prone, and since we cant roll, peak, or go prone in CS, ducking and jumping become even more important as ways to avoid being shot.
    3) By effectively limiting our ability to jump in only non-combat situations, you've created a forum of bickering that has turned our servers into a childish zone of name-calling.

    Jumping when being shot at is something that is ingrained into all our subconcious. Jumping has been a part of the game since it's inception. It's impossible to get everyone to stop jumping. This whole debate is rediculous.

    Please stop the insanity ASAP.
    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

    E-[h4x] TG CS:S Tourny Champs


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      Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

      WOuld this be CS:S we are talking about or just CS 1.6 or something.


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        Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

        Originally posted by black death5
        WOuld this be CS:S we are talking about or just CS 1.6 or something.
        CS:S, i've edited my original post to make that clearer.


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          Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

          ok now i can answer:

          because bunnyhopping is just stupid. there. all done :D.

          but really, ive never, never, never seen anyone been accused of bunnyhopping on our servers. its okay to jump around corners and jump once during a fight, but not to repeatedly jump up and down when you are flashed or when you are reloading. i say the rule stays, or else someone will start bunnyhopping and there's nothing we can do about it. simple as that.


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            Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

            Originally posted by black death5
            ok now i can answer:
            i say the rule stays, or else someone will start bunnyhopping and there's nothing we can do about it. simple as that.
            wtf are you talking about?

            how can someone start bunny hopping when you CANT bunny-hop anymore? If you jump up and down a lot, you have no lateral movement, Thus you die. It's quite simple.

            The rule is obsolete, hampers gameplay and it creates frustration on the servers, as it did just a momment ago on Server 1.


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              Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

              I mean all I say politely here, so please don't mistake it. The admins decided that crackjumping/bunnyhopping isn't allowed, and that this type of post isn't something that is looked too fondly upon. Earlier posts on this issue were locked. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is something that should be spoken to the admins directly, via PMing, or unless they authorize this post. Just my thoughts. I'm not too pleased about the rule to be perfectly honest, but it's something I have to deal with.

              By the way.
              Originally posted by
              No entry found for rediculous.

              Did you mean ridiculous?


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                Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

                Originally posted by Wyzcrak
                Bunnyhopping is the art of jumping as you strafe left and right. If you're pressing your +forward bind, you're not bunnyhopping. Engines past gave additional speed to strafing units, so jumping as you strafed like this (never using +forward) caused you to move forward at a speed greater than that at which you would move forward by constantly holding down the +forward bind.

                I've not seen bunnyhopping in CSS. I'm sure that it would be disallowed on our PCS servers if it happened.

                The objective of bunnyhopping is to move from one location to another quickly by exploiting engine design. It has nothing to do with avoiding fire.

                To better understand bunnyhopping, see _ziGzaG's tutorial.

                People incorrectly call crackjumping "bunnyhopping" because they've heard the term "bunnyhopping" forever, and this is where the confusion sets in.

                Crackjumping is just as it sounds... jumping repeatedly like you're on crack to avoid taking damage.

                You do see crackjumping in CSS. It is disallowed on our PCS servers.

                The objective of crackjumping is to jump repeatedly and sporadically to avoid taking damage from fire. It has nothing to do with moving from one location to another.

                Some folks think we should just call it all "bunnyhopping" and call it a day. I don't care what you call it, really. I can appreciate folks wanting to know the difference. Just know that both are disallowed on the server (I realize the above post isn't contesting that).
                This has previously been cleared up on more than one occasion. As I said in-game, it is not allowed.

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                  Re: Crackjumping/Bunnyhopping rule protest thread

                  This is not open for discussion.

                  If that does not satisfy you, your last hope is to PM Apophis. If you can't sway him privately, you get over it or you leave.

                  As I doubt you'll sway him, please do note me requesting that you get over it, 'cause I sure don't want you to leave. :)
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