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Please... I need your input and support

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  • Please... I need your input and support

    Ok Ladies and Gentlmen of Tactical Gamer. I have a Dillema. My dillema is that Tactical Gamer servers are the only servers i Play on, and I care greatly about thier welfare and status. Some of you who play often and often with me, know I can get whiney and complain much, But usually it is all in frustraition or good fun, your run -of- the mill "ARGGHHH THAT SUCKED!" type of deal :) Well, as of recent, I have been banned from my love and Joy that T.G. Servers bring me... :(

    I have been wrongfully Banned ( in my oppinion of course). I don't expect you to take my story at face value, therefore I implore you to ask Cybershaman and possibly Ben for corraboration. ( i choose these two because they were the only names I remember that were playing at the time of said Bannage).

    So.. heres my "interperetation" of the events...

    The map was CS_Compound...

    As we all know.. the walls are always a place of Boundry Problems.. Is it ok to exit.. Is it not ok to exit.. well...

    To My knowledge it is Not ok to exit, I may be wrong, and i can handle that.. But as i saw 3 people exit the wall on the left side ( near that dumpster ) I waited till the next round and Typed the following exactly...

    the walls..

    Immeadiatly the following comments were procured from the opposing team...

    "It was ok yesterday"
    "i talked to root, he said it was ok"
    and the like....

    the general arguments that occur over this type of thing....

    but a Reserve Admin Cingular Duality responded as well...

    with the following

    " Why would it make sense to Not exit the wall on the side but be able to move all the way towards the front of the wall"

    I responded...

    "Because the wall is an obvious barrier that is un-arguable in sense and purpose.. it makes a very simple barrier without confusion in order to aviod problems like "Oh, I thought i Could" or "well, its ok if I" and these sort of issues...

    approx 2 minuits passed without speech on eather side and we continued playing...
    suddenly, without warning or reason I was Kick-Banned for some 14000 minuits...

    Now, I will rehash... I did Not once use vulgar, or disturbing language... I did not roast, flame, or insult anyone for any reason... I merely responded to a question.. Perhaps the question WAS rhetorical, but none-the-less, i was answering a question... In a polite matter-of-factly way.. that is all. and ended it there.... there was no more argument or conversation...

    I understand Admin do not like to be opposed and it is probably extremly frustrating... But a Ban for this?

    If i am wrong, which is entirly possible, about the wall rule, this is fine, I'm not so bullheaded as to assume I'm always right. But I still do not think my actions warrent a Ban in any way...

    Please Help me if you find my cause worthy! I will not allow this to go unheard!
    so, In conclusion, I would like your oppinion on my "case" is it were, before I take this to Higher Powers.
    Thank you for your time,

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    Re: Please... I need your input and support

    I suggest you do two things:

    1. Do not misrepresent the facts.

    2. Read the TG CS SOPs immediately before your 24 hour ban turns into a permanent ban.
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