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All players and Admins Read Me

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  • All players and Admins Read Me

    Just a friendly reminder of the SOP to everyone, including the admins, of the proper procedure to follow. If ALL PLAYERS are expected to follow SOP, this also applies to all admins that are playing, especially when under an assumed name. i know your job is hard, but it also really messes up a game when a player is kicked with zero warning (especially when his actions are correct but the admin feels differently). Read up and share your thoughts.

    2. Warnings
    Warnings will be given before ANY other form of punishment for ANY player who is violating the rules or overall code of conduct for TG. A players first warning will appear at the bottom left of the screen, please be aware of messages put in this area as it may concern you directly.

    Second warnings will appear at the bottom left of the screen. "Red" warnings are of a last-call nature and may ultimately result in you being kicked from the server or banned for a period of 24 hours. If you have received multiple red warnings, it is possible that you will be removed for a longer period of time or removed completely from TG.

    3. Player Kicks
    When a player is kicked they will be dropped to console. If you have a question or concern about why you were kicked, please bring it up DIRECTLY with the admin that kicked you, either via @chat, or via PM on this site. Be respectful and I can guarantee that the admins will treat you with respect in return.

    All I ask for is communication

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    Re: All players and Admins Read Me

    Thanks for bringing this up. As I told you, we're going to be updating our rules, as these are quite old. We no longer give warnings to certain people for certain offenses, as we expect more of TG members, especially on Server 2. We're no longer using admin_mod, either, so there aren't any colored warnings, nor are they at the bottom left, they're located in the chat and top left.

    Since your post is no longer relevent, I'm going to close this thread.
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