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Admins, T-Admins and console...

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  • Admins, T-Admins and console...

    "The console is not a toy, it is a faceless voice of authority[.] ... Poorly worded @say messages look dumb, and don't do anything to boost the level of respect a player is going to show you." -Root

    Those are some words I hold strong belief in. I'm not trying to bash on any admins or complain at all, only express my opinion on how I think the console should be used. I really never see any misuse of the console, Admins and T-Admins are great about using it to warn players and keep the server in order. The only thing I think might need some improvement is how the messages are worded. I try really hard to use correct grammer, punctuation and spelling whenever I use console in order to help boost TG's respectability. I think it's really important to make console messages look good for the sake of TG. I know it's not a rule to use proper punctuation, grammer and spelling, but it's something I think we should all (and most of us, most of the time, do) put alot of effort in.

    Anyways, tell me what you think. Thanks,
    Bruce Willis
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    Re: Admins, T-Admins and console...

    I just programmed in the standard console messages listed in .143 Beth's posting on the topic earlier.

    I thought they were really well done, and adopted them as soon as we got console functionality back.

    I suggest for every t-admin to use them, or similarily worded console messages.
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      Re: Admins, T-Admins and console...

      T Admins are supposed to be using the messages I put in the temp admin guide.

      T Admins are supposed to be wearing a |T-ADMIN| tag when they are performing that function.

      I am not impressed with the standard of temp admining I have seen from a number of members. Changes will be made, and an announcement will be forthcoming.

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